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Exxon Mobil sees doubling of potential annual cash flow from operationd by 2025.

ExxonMobil expects to increase annual earnings potential by more than 140% and double potential annual cash flow from operations by 2025 from 2017 adjusted earnings, assuming a 2017 oil price of $60 per barrel adjusted for inflation and based on 2017 margins. "ExxonMobil is progressing growth plans to substantially increase earnings and cash flow potential while researching technology breakthroughs to reduce emissions, Chairman and CEO Darren Woods told shareholders during the company's annual meeting . "We are committed to sharing the company's success with our shareholders," said Woods. "Higher earnings and increased cash flow from our investments are a good means to accomplish this. We are equally committed to helping society reduce global emissions while supporting growth and prosperity for communities around the world - effectively addressing the dual challenge...The world needs additional solutions," he said. "That's where we think we can add significant value - leveraging ExxonMobil's experience in the global energy system and our strong foundation in research and development," Chairman and CEO Darren Woods told shareholders.

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Publication:The Fly
Date:May 29, 2019
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