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Exxon Chemical and EAC Recycling.

Exxon Chemical and EAC Recycling

Exxon Chemical and EAC Recycling, a subsidiary of Energy Answers, formed SEMASS Recycling, a joint venture to provide recycling services to communities and businesses in southeastern Massachusetts. The joint venture will accept, sort, process and market up to 300 tons per day of recyclable paper, plastics, glass and metals. Exxon Chemical will be the primary purchaser of plastics brought to the facility, but long-term contracts are also being negotiated with major purchasers of other recyclable materials.

Pirelli Industrial Rubber Products appointed Southern Sales Associates as agents for Pirelli rubber flooring in the state of Florida.

American Cyanamid named C.P. Hall a distributor for its rubber chemical products on a non-exclusive basis. C.P. Hall will have nationwide distribution responsibility for adhesion promoters, crosslinking agents, antioxidants, peptizers, specialty and guanidine accelerators, retarders, surface active agents and vulcanized vegetable oils for American Cyanamid.

GLS Plastics, Lebanon, NJ, a division of Great Lakes Terminal and Transport, has been named the exclusive distributor for North America of Sarlink 1000 Series thermoplastic elastomers. Sarlink TPEs are developed and marketed by the Plastics Division of Novacor Chemicals, Leo-minster, MA.

Tempe, AZ-based ICI Composites will supply its specially-developed polyetheretherketone-based materials, called APC-2 composites, to the Harrington Arthritis Research Center to use in developing novel orthopedic implants. Under the cooperative relationship, Harrington will use ICI Composites' thermoplastic composites in its proprietary designs. Implants made from these composites are said to offer greater corrosion and chemical resistance and greater biocompatibility with living tissue than currently used stainless steel, cobalt and titanium alloys.
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Date:Jul 1, 1991
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