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Exxon Chemical Pakistan Limited - a profile.

Exxon Chemical Pakistan Limited - A Profile

Exxon Chemical Pakistan has been a part of the progress of the country's agriculture sector for over twenty two years. With its urea plant at Daharki, a dealer network covering an important segment of the developing farmlands, a marketing and sales force identifying itself with the national goal of increased farm production, the Company has been something of a pace-setter in the private sector.

Subsequent to the discovery of a gas field at Mari near Daharki, Exxon and the Government of Pakistan signed an agreement on December 16, 1964 to construct a ureaplant with a design capacity of 173,000 metric tons/year and market all of its product as well as other fertilizers. In 1965, ECPL was established as a public limited company incorporated in Pakistan. Exxon holds 75% of the Company"s shares and Pakistani shareholders hold 25%. The Company has a total workforce of 500 persons. The Company's urea plant, which commenced production in 1968, is located near Daharki in District Sukkur, about 600 kilometers from Karachi and uses natural gas from Miri Gas field located close to the plant, for its feed and fuel requirements. As a result of improvements in operating efficiency and plant design brought about by innovative engineering of Pakistani engineers, technicians and operators at Daharki, the plant is now capable of producing 268,000 metric tons/year Engro Urea. In this effort the Company's engineers have access to Exxon Chemical's worldwide technology resources and knowhow.

Due to the combination of safe design, well-trained operating personnel, on-the-job safety consciousness and documented response procedures, ECPL has been recognized as one of the safest chemical plants. The Company has received several safety awards from the National Safety Council of USA. In recognition of the contribution to sound management practices, to agriculture, to industry and to the national economy, ECPL has received Corporate Excellence Awards from the Management Association of Pakistan. The Karachi Stock Exchange has adjudged ECPL amongst the Top Companies in Pakistan since the last ten years.

Exxon Chemical Pakistan started marketing of chemical fertilizers in 1967, a year ahead of production and involved itself in farmer eduction and agricultural experiments to promote the usage of chemical fertilizers. In addition to Engro Urea, ECPL's product package includes imported phosphatic and potassic fertilizers, and the farmer is motivated to use a balanced mix of these nutrients for optimization of crop yield. The dealers selected by the Company for marketing of fertilizers form a vital link between the Company and the farmers. Periodic training programmes are held for the dealers whose marketing effort is backed by the Company's qualified agronomists and sales force. The network of Engro dealers covers Sindh and parts of Punjab and Balochistan.

ECPL has introduced to the farmers, the concept of agroservice, which is based on the objective of selling an agriculture program and not merely a product. The package includes farmer meetings, field days, farm visits by agronomists, group discussions and a back-up service for soil sampling and soil testing. The Company supplies colourful literature, and other sales promotion material to fertilizer users. These are supplemented by advertising and educational programs on crop production on radio and television. The Company also operates a soil testing laboratory at Daharki.

A key objective of ECPL is to be a good corporate citizen and contribute to the welfare of the community in the area of education and health care. In education, ECPL conducts an on-going program to upgrade the primary and secondary schools at Daharki. ECPL provided computers to Sukkur Public School. The Company also contributed a reasonable amount to the Lahore School of Business Management. Under the health care program, ECPL has held a total of ten Eye Camps at Daharki. In addition, the Company Clinic at Daharki provides free treatment for snake-bits. A building for a Maternity Ward was recently added by ECPL to the existing Rural Health Centre at Daharki. ECPL also contributes funds to various charitable organizations. It sponsored charity Walks at Karachi for three consecutive years and helped raise over Ten Million rupees for building The Kidney Centre.

ECPL has made pioneering contributions in developing the chemical fertilizer market in the country. The Company has established an outstanding record of industrial productivity and operational efficiency. It has an exemplary record of developing national employees since it inception and is now operated and managed by an all Pakistani staff including the chief executive of the Company. The Company has also made significant contribution to the national economy. Til the end of 1989 the Company had paid to the Government of Pakistan over two billion rupees in duties, taxes and development surcharge.
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Date:Dec 1, 1990
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