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Extrusion systems.

Equipment and system capabilities for rubber profile, tubing and hose extrusions are featured in the company's two-page, four-color bulletin, including accumulators and let-offs, cold feed extruders (vented and non-vented), profile and tubing extrusion die heads, shear heads and gear pumps, microwave and hot-air curing systems, infrared curing systems (vertical and horizontal), continuous salt bath curing systems, hot air salt removal blow-off units, hot water wash units, cooling tanks and cooling drums. Also featured are callers, pullers and conveyors, flycutters, flexible rubber cut-off saws, automatic hose cutters with stripping, surface brushing systems and embossing units, vent hole drilling systems, traveling cut-off saws, on-line fabrication systems, automatic tube and hose panners, central digital speed control systems, overall line controls with offline data collection and full energized (turnkey) line system services. (Troester-ESI, Ltd.)

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Publication:Rubber World
Date:May 1, 2004
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