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Extrusion cooking - Technologies and applications. (Bookshelf).

Edited by Robin Guy

Published 2001 Hardback 206 Pages

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(UK: Woodhead Publishing Limited)

Extrusion cooking is an ideal method for manufacturing a number of food products, from snacks and breakfast cereals to baby foods. However, as a complex multivariate process it requires careful control if product quality is to be maintained. This collection reviews some of the key factors affecting quality and how they can be controlled in manufacturing a range of extruded products. Edited by an expert in the field of extrusion cooking, and with contributions from an international team of specialists, the book is divided into two parts: General influences on quality, and Specific extruded products. The first part considers the selection of raw materials; criteria for selecting the right extruder; analysing and optimising thermal performance in extrusion cooking, and effective process control. There is also an important chapter on maintaining nutritional quality in extruded cooking. Part two looks at how these variables affect specific extruded products, with chapters on breakfast cereals, snack foods and baby foods.

Chapter Titles: Introduction; Raw materials for extrusion cooking; Selecting the right extruder; Optimised thermal performance in extrusion; Effective process control; Extrusion and nutritional quality Breakfast cereals; Snack foods; Baby foods
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Oct 1, 2001
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