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Extrusion Systems.



Complete blown film lines, dies, air rings, automatic gauge control, IBC systems, oscillating hauloffs, winders, feed-screws and extruders. Patented Internal Gauge Control (IGC) uses air from the IBC to automatically correct film-thickness variations. Compact Gauge Band Randomizer (GBR) oscillating hauloff is suitable for retrofits with low ceiling height. ReDi (regular division) die technology yields lowest film thickness variation.


(Formerly Akron Extruders) Single-screw extruders from 3/4 in. through 6 in. diam designed to process a variety of materials including RPVC and fluoropolymers. M-PAK series of small-diam. machines can be supplied in configurations from pedestal to bench-mounted models. Custom designs are a specialty. In-house screw design assists in maximizing output and performance.

Replacement screws and barrels for all makes of extruders and injection molding machines using the company's screw and barrel library of over 4000 drawings. Also screw and barrel rebuilding for all processing equipment. Screw coatings available to minimize abrasion and corrosion. Other services include in-house preventive maintenance programs, extruder alignment, and measuring of screws and barrels.


Standard line of single-screw extruders (3/4- to 2 1/2-in. diam.) and custom-designed units up to 8 in. All have bimetallic-lined barrels with up to 32:1 L/D. High-capacity thrust housings provide long bearing life. Auxiliary equipment includes vacuum sizers and cooling tanks, hauloffs, cutoff saws, coilers, and dies for pipe, tubing, pelletizing, and custom profiles.


Offers direct extrusion in-line air bubble forming machine in film widths of 48, 72, and 96 in. available with line speeds up to 200 fpm; and a laminating machine with the versatility to produce laminations of four materials simultaneously: foam, poly, coated paper, coated aluminum foil.

Single-screw extruders from 1- to 6-in. diam. Features include air or water cooling, triple reduction gear reducers, bimetallic barrels, grooved or smooth feed sections.

Monolayer and co-extrusion spiral dies up to five layers feature "Flow Mixing Channels" for greater thermal dispersion, lower residence times, and minimal gauge variations. Stationary, rotating or oscillating systems available.

Low-pressure modular stack die (2000-3000 psi) for coextrusion applications of 5-plus layers features dual proportional heart design and diamond type mixer. Downstream equipment includes top nips, secondary nip assemblies, surface winders and horizontal film oscillators (HFO).

Top-nip assembly options include collapsing frames and gusset assemblies. Surface winders range from manual to fully automated models with line speeds up to 500 ft/min.


From Plastimac of Italy complete blown film extrusion systems for HDPE, LLDPE, and LDPE. Multiline bag-making machines for T-shirts, patch-handle bags, soft-loop handle and conventional bags, in-line or off-line printing up to six colors. Also Maris corotating variable twin-screw extruders for compounding.


Complete extrusion lines for sheet, blown film, tubing and profile. Single-screw extruders from 3/4 to 10 in. Complete downstream blown film equipment includes dies, air rings, high-speed winders, towers, cutters, cooling rolls, and corona treaters.

HDPE blown film lines have 24:1 L/D and optional Turbo Cool IBC System, which has an externally adjustable internal stabilizer that allows size changes without interrupting production.

Sheet lines produce flat films and sheet of PE, soft PVC, ABS, acrylic, TPU, and filled materials.

Offers Steward barrier screws for high-quality, high-output performance for all resins. Screw sizes from 3/4 to 12 in. in any L/D for vented and nonvented applications.


See Leistritz.


Twin-screw extrusion systems for rigid PVC pipe, siding and window lineals including two conical and three parallel twin-screw extruders: Con 40 and Con 63 conicals; and TS 88, TS 108 and TSP 130 parallels with 25.5:1 L/D. Single-screw extrusion systems for polyolefins with extruders from 45 to 150 mm with 30:1 L/D. Extrusion output rates from 200 to 2800 lb/hr. Tooling for PVC pipe from 1/2 to 36 in. and polyolefin pipes from 1/2 to 24 in. Complete downstream systems available for pipe, profile and siding. Also barrel and screw replacement program and screw rebuilding.


See Carl G. Brimmekamp & Co.


Complete extrusion lines for corrugated pipe with patented corrugators and dual-wall tooling systems; blown film systems with in-line bagmaking and converting equipment coupled with automatic packaging; and scrap reclaim and pelletizing systems. Custom-designed tooling and extruders from 3/4- to 18-in. diam. with patented screw designs.


Screwless laboratory mixing extruder uses elastic-energy storage characteristics of polymer melts for mixing and extrusion. Typical applications include compounding, polymer blending, fiber melt spinning, and pelletizing. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.)


See Compounding/Mixing Systems.


See Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering.


Complete extrusion systems for monolayer and multilayer blown film, cast film, ridged sheet, and foam sheet. Also extrusion coating, control systems, and in- or out-of-line bagmaking systems. Reclaim systems and granulators, downstream equipment, winders, and gravimetrics.


See Tex America, Inc.


Single-screw extruders from 3/4- to 15-in. diam. and all L/D ratios; filters and screen changers, including slide-plate, continuous and automatic types; strand dies, water baths, air strippers and pelletizers, and underwater pelletizing systems to 6000 lb/hr; melt gear pumps; flat sheet lines to 108 in. width and all thicknesses. Profile lines for pipe, tubing and complex structural sections.

Single-screw recycling extrusion systems consist of granulators, vertical screw feeders, 50:1 barrels, dual-venting systems, slide-plate screen changers and/or continuous filters, and strand and underwater pelletizers. Production rates from 100 to 10,000 lb/hr. PLC-controlled systems available.


Corotating, twin-screw compounding extruders and pelletizing systems; twin-screw compounding with direct in-line sheeting of filled and reinforced plastics; single- and twin-screw extruders for de-volatilization and specialty applications; and single-screw profile extrusion systems from commingled reclaim. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.)


Complete processing lines for fiat or embossed cast film, stretch wrap, extrusion coating and lamination; oriented film, and oriented-tape and fiber. Single-screw extruders from 2 1/2- to 12-in. diam. with standard L/Ds of 24:1 and 30:1. Accessories include film and coating dies, primer coaters and dryers, film winders, unwinds, slitter/rewinders, and coextrusion systems for cast film and extrusion coating. All systems available with microprocessor controls. Supervisory control system available.

Pre-engineered products include Excel extrusion coating and laminating line and universal cast film lines. Suited to quick installation and start-up.

Custom-built, single-screw compounding/pelletizing extruders in melt-feed, cold-feed, and batch-feed designs with diam. to 20 in. and outputs to over 60,000 lb/hr. (See aiso Compoundbig/Mixing Systems.)


See Kobelco Stewart Boiling, Inc.


Extruders, downstream equipment and complete lines for tubing and profile. Products include single-screw extruders and coextruders (3/4 to 6 in.), twin-screw extruders (40 to 62 mm), caterpillar takeoffs (rugged direct-drive machines such as the Farris Puller), automatic traveling saws including servodriven models, rotary cutters, vacuum calibration tanks, dry calibration units, spray baths and coilers (single and twin-shaft).


Laboratory single-screw extruders come in 3/4- and 1 1/4-in, barrel diam. with L/Ds from 10:1 to 30:1. Extruders easily attach to company's Plasti-Corder torque rheometer drive or Prep Center drive and can measure processing conditions for various polymers.

The 3/4-in. Independent table-top extruder is a compact, self-contained system with a 1-hp motor and worm gear reducer.

Twin-screw extruders available in designs, which include the 42 mm parallel counterrotating high-shear miniature compounding design with output rates to 3.6 kg/hr; conical model in counter or corotating 42 mm, 17:1 L/D ratio for extrusion rates to 20 kg/hr; and 25 mm segmented twin-screw extruder with L/D ratios from 16:1 to 48:1.

Wide selection of screws, dies, and takeoff equipment available.


Single-screw extruders for blown film, pipe, profile, sheet, and wire/cable with 1- to 8-in. diam. and L/Ds to 40:1.

Complete blown film lines include all equipment as components or as turnkey installations. Products include extruders, dies of all sizes and up to 10 layers, air rings, bubble cages, stationary or oscillating hauloffs, winders (center turret and surface), fully computerized line controls, and gravimetric blenders, feed systems, and internal bubble cooling systems (IBCs).


Single- and twin-screw extruders from Amut SpA to 6 1/3-in. diam. Complete systems for pipe, profile, and blown film (up to five layers); plain and corrugated sheet extrusion (up to six layers).

Laboratory extruders from Dr. Collin GmbH for pipe, profile, blown and cast film in sizes from 3/4 in. to 1 3/4 in. Collin laboratory twin-screw compounder operates in either corotating or counterrotating mode. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.)


Buss-Kneader is a reciprocating single-screw extruder for compounding thermoplastics and thermosets. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.)


See Warner Sales Associates, Inc.


CX series corotating intermeshing twin-screw extruders in sizes 30 to 133 mm for compounding, mixing, filling, and reinforcing polymers. Processing sections are modularly designed with segmented barrel sections, which provide complete versatility in processing length, configuration, and barrels/screw material selection. Segmented design of elements allows unlimited screw profile configurations using conveying, kneading, and specialty elements to specifically address processing requirements. Process development laboratory available for trials. Complete technical, mechanical, and electrical support, along with large inventory of spare parts.


Manufactures precision twin-screw replacement parts including screw elements, shafts, and barrels from 30 to 300 mm. Replacement parts completely interchangeable with OEM parts.


Offers new series of small extruders for laboratory use and production of medical tubing from Gimac of Italy. Machines come in 12 to 44 mm diam. Screws and barrels are nitrided. Barrels can have water-cooled feed zones. The 12-mm model has a 24:1 L/D and max. screw speed of 100 rpm as standard.


Complete line of downstream equipment for pipe, tubing and profiles, including large systems for window lineals,

Individual in-line components, as well as complete extrusion systems, including product tooling, precision sizing and cooling baths, various sizes of-belt pullers, on-demand or continuous rotary knife cutters, traveling cut-off saws, conveyors and run-off dump tables.


Corrugated pipe or tubing systems include seven standard models for 1/8 to 60in. I.D. pipe. Systems produce single-wail (1/8- to 60-in I.D.), dual-wall (3/4- to 60-in I.D.), and ribbed (1 1/4- to 36-in I.D.) pipe for electrical conduit, drainage, sewers, culverts. Also large-diam. spiral-wound pipe systems from 15- to over 60-in. I.D., as well as aftercoolers, perforators, slitters, cutoffs and high-speed winders for small-diam. tubing.

Offers extruders with corrugating lines. Also in-line cuff systems for single-wall and double-wail corrugators.


Customized extruders, feed screws, drives and controls for wire and cable, pipe, profile, medical tubing, sheet, blown and cast film, blow molding, elastomers, compounding, extrusion coating, reclaim/recycle, and fiber. Also systems for high-voltage wire and cable, melt-blown nonwovens, and high-throughput BOPP, OPS, and PET film.

Complete systems include singlescrew extruders to 12-in. diam. including grooved-barrel, vented-barrel, tiltable, and tandem machines and vertical extruders to 3 1/2-in. diam. Downstream equipment for blown and cast film, sheet, laminations, pipe, profile, fibers, and compounding. Underwater pelletizing lines. Feed-blocks, dies and other coextrusion custom-designed equipment for sheet and blown film.

Custom Hartig single-screw extruders from 3/4- to 15-in. diam. in L/Ds of 24:1 to 48:1, air- or water-cooled versions, vented or nonvented. Precision laboratory and mid-sized Killion production equipment available from small bench model extruders to complete systems with vacuum tanks, water troughs, pullers, winders and Versa cutters.

Reprocessing extruders in single- and dual-diam. configurations for handling materials from bulk densities as low as 0.5 1b/[ft.sup.3] to hot melts.

Multilayer barrier film and sheet coextrusion systems and custom-designed recycling extruders to handle low-bulk-density scrap. Blown film dies, rotators, and winders range from one to five layers in sizes up to 86-in. diam.

For rigid PVC profiles, conical and parallel twin-screw Gemini machines are reportedly rugged and easy to operate and maintain.

Flexible PVC medical tubing systems provide outputs to 400 fpm; ultra-precise Inner Diam./Outer Diam. ovality; screw designs for high product clarity; continuous ultra-low-tension coiling; and 1-, 11/4-, and 1 1/2-in. floor-model extruders.

Epic III controls incorporate dual-thermocouple control and responsive closed-loop line control. Graphical interface features pictorial control screens, trending, complete line documentation, data acquisition, SPC, and networking capabilities.

Specialized technical services, modernization of machinery and controls, and rebuilding of all makes of extruders with custom packages to improve output and performance. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.)


High-capacity extrusion lines for blown film, cast film, and extrusion coating in mono and coextrusion systems with custom designed dies, screws, and line equipment for a wide range of products. Extrusion coating and laminating lines produce flexible packaging, aseptic packaging, liquid packaging, tube laminates, and industrial products. Cast film lines produce coextruded stretch wrap, multilayer packaging films, high-barrier structures to nine layers, and embossed film. Blown film systems produce simple monolayer film for bags, high-speed stretch wrap, multilayer barrier packaging and PVDC film. CMR and EPIC control systems for single or multiple line control on new systems or as retrofits.


Single-screw extruders from 1/2- to 3-in. diam. and L/Ds to 40:1. Downstream equipment includes tubing and profile cutters formerly made by Versa Machinery. Complete extrusion systems for tubing, wire coating, blown film, pipe, sheet, profiles, filament, coextrusion, pelletizing, and lab setups.

Builds custom extrusion equipment with emphasis on coextrusion and medical tubing systems. Wide range of extrusion-related services, including process laboratory facilities and training programs. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.)


Delta single-screw extruders from 1- to 6-in. diam. are liquid- or air-cooled and have Deltatherm heating/cooling systems, heat-failure alarm systems, in-stream hopper metal traps, open-frame construction, and unitization. Caster-mounted and column-mounted coextruders, as well as dies, profile sizers, cooling tanks, and custom-engineered screws. Also rebuilds equipment.


See Carl G. Brimmekamp & Co.


Extruders and complete extrusion lines, specializing in corrugating equipment for pipe and tubing.


Complete extrusion lines with single-or twin-screw extruders, take-off equipment, dies and calibrators, plus complete engineering designs for windows and doors. Complete services for manufacturing outdoor building products, especially PVC windows, siding and doors.


Normag positive-displacement gear pump in outputs from 0.06 to 41,000 lb/hr and viscosities to 20 million cp regulates the amount of material to the die, lowering melt temperatures for faster cooling and smoother running extrusion lines. Eliminates pressure changes at the die, producing increased output, less scrap and higher product quality.

Extek EM manual screen changer in sizes 14.5 in. features multiposition handle to avoid interferences and allow better operator access. Extek EH hydraulic screen changer in sizes 2.5-10 in. allows screen changes on-the-fly at full extruder output, minimizing downtime and labor.


E-Max corotating intermeshing twin-screw extruder processing systems for plastics, rubber, direct extrusion, food and powder coating industries. Extruders are completely integrated with gear box lubrication, water recirculation and vacuum systems built into the base of the units. Units have dependable, maintenance friendly a-c motors, on-board programmable logic controllers and operator controls with real time trending.

Conversions of older counterrotating twin-screw extruders into corotaing extruders offered. Will also take older lower throughput twin-screw extruders and replace the processing section with increased screw diameters and barrel boxes using the same gear system to increase throughput up to 50%.

Company has recently introduced a patent-pending strand dies head assembly for twin-screw extruders that has a quick-opening design that allows the screws to be pulled right through the die assembly.

Complete turnkey systems from design to installation provided.


Lines include vertical and Verta-turret extruders for coextrusion and striping; complete extrusion systems to 6-in. diam. for insulating and jacketing wire and cable with thermoplastic, thermoset, and fluoropolymer compounds, and for foam/coax extrusion; fiber-optic extrusion coating lines; single and multilayer sheet lines with roll widths to 42 in.; spiral winders for hose reinforcement; automatic crossover wire dual take-ups and coilers; patented dual flyer pay-offs; shaftless pay-offs and take-ups to capacities of 30,000 lb; dual-drum, belt wrap, or open types of capstans; caterpillars for heavy-duty applications; insulation patching presses; and systems for rereeling, recoiling, length measurement, and spark testing.

Supplies complete line layouts, individual machine layouts and utility connections, complete interconnection drawings with wires numbered, sized, and all terminal connections numbered.


Components and complete lines for extrusion coating, cast film, sheet, and coating/laminating include lines for wet and dry lamination, coextrusion barrier coating, extrusion coating and laminating, printing, and siliconization. Coextrusion uses proprietary feedblock prior to a single-slot extrusion die or a multislot extrusion die having individual feed channels. Skin-layer coextrusion uses a feedblock. Dies can have automatic die-gap adjustments and integrated thickness measurement and control.


Automated downstream extrusion equipment for profile, tubing, hosing and small pipe. Systems for in-line processing, cutting and fabrication, as well as "Engineered Line System Services" with complete extrusion line layout, setup, run-in, and operator training. Custom design capabilities, along with speed and process control systems.

Products include on-demand and continuous flycutters (servo- or air-actuated), fixed and traveling saws, in-line fabrication presses, smooth and cleated belt pullers, vacuum-sizing and temperature-controlled annealing and profile calibration tanks, spray or flood cooling tanks, conveyors, letoffs, windups and coilers.

All machines incorporate solid-state controllers (programmable servos or PLCs) with operator interface displays. Optional automated length-control systems on all stop/go cutting and fabrication units provide cut-length accuracy with 100% automated length inspection and SPC reporting. High-efficiency spray cooling tanks include "Super Quench" systems for effective evaporative product cooling.


Unique "screwless" extruder has a smooth rotor housed in a short, eccentrically bored barrel. Material passes around the circumference of the rotor and then exits the barrel into a gear pump and then a die. Units process a wide range of virgin and recycled thermoplastics at 300 to 2000 lb/hr and can run materials of a wide melt-flow range. Short residence time, energy savings, and space savings relative to a standard single-screw extruder are claimed.


Conical twin-screw extruders process heat-sensitive materials such as flexible or rigid PVC. Five basic models: CMT-35, CM-55, CM-65, CM-80, and CM-92. Downstream equipment includes vacuum calibration tables, pullers, saws, collection tables, spray baths, dry-face cutters, and pneumatic cooling systems. Output rates of rigid PVC from 10 to 2500 lb/hr. Complete systems for pipe, siding, sheet, window profile, and pellets. Replacement screws and barrels for parallel and conical twin screws of company's or competitors' makes.

Single-screw extruders in 1 1/2- to 8-in. diam. with standard L/Ds of 25:1 and 30:1 and air or water barrel cooling. Heavy-duty components and versatile drives in right-hand, left-hand, or tuck-under configurations. Can be configured to accept competitive screw shanks. Downstream equipment for sheet, compounding, film, pipe, and profile.

Sheet extrusion systems utilize twin-or single-screw extruders and three-roll cooling/polishing stacks. Vertical, horizontal or reconfigurable roll orientations. Silent-chain, open-gear or individually driven roll-drive assemblies. Pneumatic and hydraulic nip actuation.

Process-control options include discrete instruments, company's EXc microprocessor system, or fully integrated line control with color touchscreen, SQC charting, and supervisory-level process analysis.


Extrusor conduction melting extruder employs a small-diam., short (8:1 L/D) screw rotating at high speed. Pellets are conveyed and compacted rapidly through screw flights without melting. Melt rheology is not a factor in screw design, only the solid bulk properties of the pellets. Pressure buildup is by the continuous ram action of the screw in packing the pellets forward into the heat-transfer section. Melting energy is principally by inward conduction from the barrel walls of the melting section. Multiple static-mixing sections provide distributive and dispersive mixing, as well as thermal homogenization.

One screw is said to handle all polymers from fractional to 20-MI. High-energy efficiency (consuming one-third less total power) is claimed, as well as better temperature control (unaffected by screw rpm), short residence time, and simplified mixing.


Custom-designed, heavy-duty single-screw extruders for homogenizing and extruding in strip, strand or pelletized form. Specializes in large machines up to 26-in. diam. with production rates as high as 60,000 lb/hr. Hot-melt extruders, cold-feed extruders, and machines accepting discharge from batch or continuous mixers. Also retrofits for LDPE extruders with vents for devolatilization. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.)


Saturn dual-lip air rings come complete with interchangeable lipsets to suit dies from 1/2 up to 100 in. Supplies new bubble glide guiding system and new Escort haul-off system along with low-pressure spiral dies, stationary and oscillating die stands, screen changers, bubble enclosures, bubble width controls, extruders, feed screws, air-bearing and Teflon collapsing frames, top-nip assemblies, and surface winders. North American agent for Martignoni Elettrotecnica srl corona dual-side treaters.

Engineering, planning, servicing, and rebuilding of equipment as well as several Saturn programs: Saturn upgrade program and Saturn Air Ring Exchange program.


Downstream machinery for pipe, tubing, and profile extrusions from less than 0.010 to 8 in. O.D. Included are vacuum-sizing, spray-quench and cooling tanks. Range of pinch-roll and caterpillar pullers with Synchro-Pull double-sided timing belt drive equipped with d-c, brush-less d-c, a-c flux vector, or servo motor and drive system. On-demand rotary knife cutters with choice of electromagnetic, pneumatic, heavy-duty hydraulic, Vac-U-Torq vacuum clutch/brake or servo system and flywheel cutters for cutting extrusions both on- and off-line. Traveling saws for on-line cutting of rigid extrusions. Cutters and pullers available in combination of custom engineered systems for specific requirements. Discharge conveyors available with or without air ejection to sort cut lengths. Full line of Bondabelt replacement caterpillar belts for any make or model puller. (See ad p. 133.)


Rheomex laboratory single-screw extruders in 3/4- and 1-in. diam. with L/Ds from 10:1 to 30:1 serve for sample preparation or as sophisticated measuring systems providing process parameters for research, product development, q-c, and scale-up. Extruders can be attached to a simple drive motor or Polylab material characterization and processing center.

Rheomex TW-100 conical twin-screw extruder is for evaluating new compounding formulations, additives, or economics of continuous vs. batch mixing. TW-100 also can serve as a small-scale production line.

Also line of segmented or clamshell parallel twin-screw compounders, and line of take-up and downstream extrusion components for use with all types of extrusion or compounding equipment.


Small to medium-size single-screw extruders (to 3 1/2 in.) feature rugged construction, digital drives (accurate to 0.001%), and Digipanel microprocessor controls. Geartruders are a combination of extruder, high-precision gear pump, digital drive, and Digipanel microprocessor controller, which coordinates extruder and gear pump operation.

Specializes in complete prepackaged extrusion systems for tubing, profile, and sheet Patented Tubetrol system controls both O.D. and I.D. of tubing or pipe of any size or style, whether single or multilumen, straight tubing or bump tubing. Sheetrol systems control both machine direction and cross machine profile of extruded sheet.

Downstream accessories include Rollerpuller no-clutch (servo driven) cutters and a line of classifying conveyors.


Complete blown film systems for high quality wrinkle-free film, single-layer or coextrusion of HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, EVA, EVOH, PP, Pa, and ionomer. Alpine swing lines run both high and low-stalk with fast changeover. Screw diameters from 1.5 to 4.7 in., dies and air rings to 28 in. Takeoffs and winders to 120 in. wide with max. line speeds over 1000 fpm. Grooved-feed barrels with solid tungsten-carbide inserts are standard. Also stationary extruders, rotating winders, oscillating nips, upward or downward extrusion, 12-spiral dies, plate dies for up to nine-layer coextrusion, automatic gauge control with segmented air rings, high-intensity cavity-mixing sections, gauge measurement systems, and automatic bubble-diameter control Max. cooling capacity is 30 lb/in, of die circumference. Bag machines include three- and four-track t-shirt models, processing up to 80-in. wide webs.


Complete single-screw extrusion systems for sheet, pipe, profiles, compounding, recycle, and scrap reclaim. Four styles of extruders, four styles of sheet lines, and a variety of auxiliary components, including patented Triplewave screw, which increases production. High-torque, high-speed compounding lines in 2.5- to 10-in, sizes and lengths to 50:1.

Prodex profile extruder can be supplied for all profile sizes with or without a downstream system. Turnkey profile lines include wet vacuum, dry vacuum, or air calibration, plus material handling.

Custom equipment for demanding applications includes very wide sheet, very thick sheet, coextruded sheet to nine layers, and high-throughput and high-speed sheet extrusion.


Used and rebuilt extrusion systems and accessories for compounding/pelletizing, pipe, profile, cast, blown film, wire, cable, and sheet. Extruders range from 1/2- to 12-in. diam.


See Compounding/Mixing Systems.


PCM series of intermeshing, high-speed twin-screw extruders utilize segmented screws. Barrel uses a building-block system so that LID ratio is easily adjustable. Screws are either corotating or counter-rotating. Screw diam. from 29 to 125 mm. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.)


Information and catalogues on Italian extrusion and coextrusion lines for tubes, pipe, profiles, film, sheet, filament, strapping, tape, pelletizing, and cable coating. Single- or twin-screw extruders available in sizes from 1- to 10-in. diam. and L/Ds from 12:1 to 35:1.


Two types of twin-rotor, continuous fluxing mixers (CIM) for high-intensity compounding. One is a counterrotating twin-rotor type, similar in basic concept to the Farrel Continuous Mixer; the other is a corotating twin-screw compounding extruder (DSM) built under license from Krauss-Maffei. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.)


Blown film extrusion and converting equipment includes extruders, screws, dies, towers, winders, air rings, gear pumps, and screen changers. Also equipment for film sealing and punching, resin blending, film-scrap recycling, and fiexographic printing.


Blown film extrusion systems for up to seven-layer structures of HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, ionomer, PP, nylon, EVOH, PET and metallocenes. Complete systems for single- or multilayer blown film at high outputs with superior film strength and uniform film thickness or roll quality.

Extruders can be stationary, oscillating or rotating with either grooved-feed barrel and decompression screw or smooth barrel and compression screw. Grooved-feed extruders from 40- to 100-mm diam.; smooth bore extruders from 30- to 60-mm diam.

Die sizes from 40- to 600-mm diam. Air rings with single or dual lip. Internal bubble cooling available on dies of 120-500 mm. Bubble stabilizing cages in a range of sizes. Take-offs either stationary or oscillating; surface winders can be stationary, oscillating, or rotating with semi-automatic or fully automatic roll change. Takeoffs with max. layflat widths of 800-3200 mm. Winders with max. layfiat widths of 800-3000 mm.

Accessories include blenders, vacuum loaders, air chillers, treaters, web guides, gravimetric extrusion-control systems, automatic transverse-direction gauge-profile control system, layflat-width control systems, and frostline height control system.


Represents Kobe Steel and offers heavy-duty, single-screw, hot-melt and compounding extruders in screw sizes from 3 1/2- to 20-in. diam., L/Ds to 30:1, and gear pump extrusion system. Extruders can be heated electrically or with steam or oil, and can be cooled by air or water. Full range of dies and tooling. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.)


Counterrotating twin-screw extruders in double-conical and parallel-screw configurations for PVC extrusion of pipe, window lineals, siding custom profiles, fence, etc. Parallel line features 26 LID ratio for high specific output rates and improved melt quality. High-inventory pipe tooling and vacuum and spray tanks offered. Controls include C4 microprocessor system for total extrusion line control, Company has teamed up with window tooling and downstream suppliers to offer complete systems. (See ad p. 8.)


See American Kuhne Inc.


ZSK twin-screw, corotating, intermeshing extruders for compounding, filling, reinforcing and finishing of polymers in 25- to 380-mm diam. with L/D ratios to 48:1. Also used for processing reclaim, reaction, devolatilization and laboratory procedures.

Engineered systems for compounding plants from engineering studies and design to equipment specification, construction, installation and start-up.

Process assistance and pilot lab for process development and testing. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.) (See ad p. 142.)


Specialized processing machines and systems, gear pumps, microprocessor controls, screen changers, motionless mixers, and systems for continuous processing of highly viscous polymers.

Positive-displacement gear pumps and complete pumping systems handle viscous materials to 30 million cp. Specialized extrusion gear pumps improve dimensional control of product, increase capacity of new or existing lines, regulate extrudate to prevent surges, and reduce energy consumption.

Discontinuous and continuous, piston-type screen changers for extrusion and polymer process applications up to 40,000 1b/hr.

Motionless mixers blend high-viscosity materials and improve thermal homogenization. Also microprocessor systems for pump and temperature control.

Agitated thin-film evaporation/reaction systems for concentrating and devolatilizing, polymerization and polycondensation, demonomerizing and finishing, and recovery of solvent and polymer from waste streams. Turba-Film and Roto-Vak processors accommodate final viscosities from 10,000 to 50,000 cp. For product viscosities of 50,000 to 15 million cp, Vistran processor provides positive transport of product through the unit. Complete pilot-plant facilities and process services.


Twin-screw extruders in corotating and counterrotating intermeshing and nonintermeshing modes, with screw diam. from 18 to 135 mm, for compounding and direct extrusion. Auxiliary equipment for complete production lines.

Laboratory extruder has attachments for corotating and counterrotating twin-screw modes. Auxiliary equipment includes pelletizing, blown film, fibers, sheet, and profile attachments. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.) (See ad p. 147.)


Designs, manufactures and installs complete single and multiple layer blown film extrusion systems for many resins including biaxially oriented barrier films such as PVDC and PVC. Also multiple layer cast film extrusion systems for a variety of products including PYB sheet.

Also extrusion coating systems, embossed film; material-blending and scrap-recovery systems, and custom-designed winding and converting equipment including heavy-duty bag machines and other downstream equipment


MegaTech single-screw extruders for sheet, film, profile and reprocessing. Sizes from 1- to 8-in. diam., L/D ratios to 44:1, and drives from 2 to 1000 hp. Specializes in sheet

Megatron cooling and polishing units ensure smooth transmission of power to chrome polishing rolls for highest quality. Quick Switch roll-change system minimizes downtime, as does Plus 1 system that optimizes heating and cooling. MegaCool cooling conveyor helps increase production rates. MegaTronix complete process-control system available.


See Compounding/Mixing Systems.


Standard and custom single-screw extruders from 3/4 in. to 12 in. with L/D ratios up to 48:1. MX heavy-duty series available in air and water designs. Top-of-the-line MX Super Cool air-cooled extruder offers high-capacity, three-phase base mounted blowers for maximum cooling efficiencies. Low-cost Vanguard series offers a heavy-duty production air-cooled machine. MM series from 3/4 to 1 1/2 for medical and coextrusion applications. Unique stay-open clamp flange and triple-chamber feed throat for MX series are standard on super-cooled models. All extruders available with Merrexx high-performance barrier screws with various mixing heads.

Complete extrusion systems for compounding, reclaim, pipe, profile, tubing, sheet, and cast film available as well as extruders for blow molding, fibers and blown film. Full line of wire and cable and fiber-optic equipment and complete systems for insulating and rewind applications. Turnkey packages available for full process technical support. (See ad p. 135.)


Monolayer and multilayer cast film and biaxial orientation lines have die widths to 4500 mm. Standard single-screw extruders in 65- to 250-mm diam.; special single-screw mixing extruders (with hexagonal-barrel mixing section) of 50-135 mm. Also tandem extruders from 90/115 to 300/350 mm; counterrotating, conical twin-screw extruders for PVC in 50 and 60 mm; and corotating twin-screw compounders of 45-125 mm. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.)


Custom-designed and standard extruders and downstream equipment for film (mono- and biaxially oriented), sheet, profile, and fiber. Extruders from lab scale to 8-in. diam. with all accessories, plus computer-designed single- and multilayer flat and blown film dies.

Fully warranted, reconditioned machinery, plus installation, plant design, and start-up services. Post-consumer scrap recycling systems include installation and start-up.


Manual and microprocessor-controlled wire and cable, fiber-optic, and tubing extrusion systems include dual-flyer payoffs, payoff stands, NM series single-screw extruders, fixed and manual centering crossheads, entry/exit caterpillars and capstans, multipass cooling troughs, vacuum-calibration troughs, dual automatic coilers, single and dual automatic take-ups, take-up stands, and cabling machinery. Options include diameter, capacitance, temperature, elongation and synchronization control systems.

MPL 32 system is for pipe and tubing for automotive and other engineering applications involving monolayer, multilayer, and shrinkable materials. Produces tubing from 0.16- to 1.26-in. diam. at 20 to 394 ft/min.

MPL 10 produces medical and specialty tubing from 0.04- to 0.4-in. diam. of PVC, urethane, nylon block copolymers, and PE. Outputs from 98 to 984 ft/min.


Counterrotating, nonintermeshing and corotating, intermeshing twin-screw extruders for compounding, reactive extrusion, devolatilization, latex conversion, and rubber dewatering and drying. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.)


Broad line of downstream extrusion equipment for pipe, general profiles, window profiles, and plastic fencing.

For PE, PVC, CPVC, and other extruded pipes with products to handle through 54 in. O.D. pipe sizes: vacuum-sizing tanks, extension cooling tanks, water-recirculation systems, pullers, saws, guillotines, coilers, dump tables, custom processing machines, bellers for both solvent-weld and Reiber-style gaskets.

For window profiles and fencing: vacuum-calibration tables, vacuum tanks, cooling tanks, pullers, saws, puller/saw combinations, dump tables, and packaging tables.

For general profiles: vacuum tanks, cooling tanks, water-recirculation systems, pullers, saws, and custom machines.


Custom-designed single-screw extruders, specializing in medical tubing, wire insulation, profiles, high-temperature, and fluoropolymer extrusion as well as conventional materials. Sizes from 3/4- to 6-in. diam. with L/Ds of 20:1 to 30:1. Control panel can be floor-standing (HXTA) or tucked under extruder barrel (CP). Manual or automatic air-cooled frictional controls, gear transmissions with oversized thrust bearings, choice of instruments and drive, and control panels meeting JIC-type standards. Optional water troughs, payoffs, takeups, conveyors, crossheads, straight-delivery heads, heated clamps, casters, leveling jacks, bimetallic barrels with or without Inconel facing, and flame-hardened Hastalloy or Stellite-tipped screws. Barrier, two-stage FEP, and other custom screw designs available.


PEP-II series gear pumps serve as a pressure booster/stabilizer on the discharge end of an extruder and for precise additive injection into the extruder barrel. Constructed of through-hardened, high-speed tool steels or 400-series stainless for corrosion and wear resistance.

PEP-II gear technology utilizes low-aspect-ratio "crowned-root" gears. With L/D ratio of 0.75 vs. industry standard of 1.0 for helical gears, PEP-II ensures polymers have less distance to travel, thereby reducing tooth pulsations. Crowned roots are parabolic-shaped undercuts, which offer less resistance to tooth evacuation flow and further tooth-pulse reduction. Company reports that the combination of crowned root and low-aspect ratio gearing provides superior extrusion performance, superior mechanical integrity, and greater efficiency than conventional designs.


Custom hydraulic or pneumatic-powered ram extruders in vertical or horizontal format to extrude presintered, granular PTFE, UHMW-PE, and thermosets. Machines can supply 24-hr continuous, unsupervised manufacturing of rod, bar, tubing, custom profiles and T-seals, and are designed for turnkey start-up and easy maintenance. Multiple-cavity extrusion die technology available.

PTFE paste extruder for micro-capillary tubing with 0.002-in, to 0.006-in, wall and max, O.D. of 0.5 in. uses interchangeable barrel sizes.


Blown film extrusion equipment includes complete lines with coextrusion and single-layer dies. Dies with air rings from 1 to 80 in., oscillating or stationary. Extruder sizes from 1.5 to 6 in. with smooth or grooved-feed barrels. Internal bubble cooling and oscillation on entire machine or first pinch section. Take-offs and winders to 600 mm for agricultural film. Wide selection of auxiliary equipment.

Blow molding includes complete lines with coextrusion, and single layer dies, 3-D coextrusion, rotary type blow molding, continuous PVC blow molding, and accumulating blow molding. Extruder sizes from 1.5 to 6 in. Accumulator capacity 0.7 to 14 lb.


Used and rebuilt extrusion lines include extruders and downstream equipment for compounding, profiles, recycling, blown film, sheet, and pipe.


Production and laboratory scale extrusion systems for blown film, sheet, profiles, pipe, and compounding. Extruders in 1/2- to 6-in. diam., and complete downstream peripherals. Also rebuilds used extrusion equipment. Scrap reclaim lines with water-ring pelletizers from 2- to 6-in.


Extrusion systems include coextrusion cast film lines and specialty equipment for biaxially oriented single- and multilayer films.


Single-screw compounding extruders for hot- and cold-feed from mixer or reactor.

Hot-feed extruder receives material from reactors and delivers it in pelletized form. Range is 12 to 16 in. with max. throughput of 30,000 lb/hr.

Cold-feed extruder, generally cube-or pellet-fed, ranges from 6 to 15 in. with max. throughput of 10,000 lb/hr.

Mixer-fed extruder, located under the continuous mixer or internal mixer, creates pressure to pump material through a pelletizing die. Range is 2 to 20 in. with max. throughput of 50,000 lb/hr, with or without venting.

All extruders can be equipped with pelletizers in four versions: underwater, water-ring, dry-face, or strand-head.

LCM-AX, a combination of continuous mixer and twin-screw extruder technology, is a single-stage, axial-discharge machine consisting of two corotating and intermeshing screws with the central section featuring the typical rotor blade profile of company's LCM (long continuous mixer). Downstream of the rotor section is a "throttling valve" to control dwell time and specific energy input. Suitable for compounding a wider range of thermoplastics without the need to reconfigure screw geometry. Allows easier inclusion of fiber reinforcements. Barrel and screw profile are modular (5 D each), allowing for three main machine configurations: 25:1 L/D with single-feed hopper, 35:1 L/D with secondary-feed hopper, and 45:1 with two secondary-feed hoppers and two mixing zones. Provides custom-designed extrusion lines.


Trident single-screw extrusion systems for applications in compounding, pipe and profile, coextrustion, film and sheet, single and tandem foam sheet, fiber, wire and cable, reclaim and extrusion pelletizing. Complete systems in bore sizes from 1.5 through 15 in. diam. and L/D ratios from 7:1 through 48:1. Heavy-duty custom extruders come complete with air- or water-cooling systems; right-hand, left-hand, or tuck-under drive configurations; vented or nonvented barrels, high-performance feedscrew designs; and standard computer control systems, or company's Titan integrated PLC/Computer control system.

High-performance Trident sheet extrusion systems for standard and custom sheet production for a variety of materials, gauges, widths and finishes. Systems offer features such as vertical, inclined or horizontal roll-stand configurations, three-roll standard or multiple chrome roll setup equipped with roll temperature regulation systems; mono-, coextrusion, or laminated web structure options, and high rate of performance options. Systems are tailored specifically to the application.

Trident multipak extrusion systems suitable for extrusion blow molding of multilayered containers offer custom controls and machine configurations, multiple bore size combinations, and low-melt temperature feedscrews.

Trident dual-diameter extruders feature high-performance machine capacities for foam and film scrap material, single- or double-vented options, special hopper and feed section arrangements, and two-piece barrel and screw assembly for ease of removal.

Supporting systems include Trident CPF water-ring pelletizer, CCF crammer feeder and RAM feeder, intensive wash and drying systems, water filtration and treatment stations, and bulk storage devices.


Single-screw benchtop extruders for lab and R&D applications. Features include recently patented "surge suppression" device for more stable pressures and uniform products; interchangeable feed sections; and discharge driven screws. Complete systems available for blown film, cast film, fiber, sheet, devolatilization, compounding pelletizing, monofilament, and reactor pumps. Coextrusion cast film and sheet systems offered up to 7 layers, and coextrusion blown film systems up to 11 layers. Viscom on-line rheometer and lab services available.


Post-extrusion equipment for pipe, tubing and profile, as well as complete turnkey lines with die development and operator training. Individual components include dies, vacuum sizers, water baths, air tables, belt pullers, wheel pullers, embossers, traveling saws, servo cutters and dump tables.


Blown film extrusion systems and components include extruders from 2- to 10-in. diam. with or without IBC, bubble stabilization cages and multiple collapsing frame types, and oscillating nip-roll assemblies with horizontal turning bars. Winding technology for up to 60-in. roll diam. with forward/reverse wind directions with auto-cutover and roll transfer.

Complete North American manufactured control systems (Reicofol), as well as automatic gauge control (Reicoflow segmented air ring), which improves gauge variation.

Single-screw extruders or Reitruder twin-screw extruders, teamed with Mirex-S, Mirex-W, or Serex horizontal and vertical roll stacks. Suitable for in-line or out-of-line thermoforming applications for a variety of polymers including PP, HDPE, HIPS and PET. Polishing stack rolls in three quality classes available. Optional equipment includes post-cooling rools and air knives.


Counterrotating parallel twin-screw extruders for pipe from 73 to 132 mm with capacities from 400 to 2500 lb/hr. Features include quick start-up, parallel screw design, high torque, high backpressure (9000 psi), and hydrostatic thrust bearings. Downstream equipment includes tooling, vacuum and spray tanks, pullers, cutters and process control systems for plastic pipe production.


Complete turnkey systems for manufacturing telecommunication, power, automotive, fiber-optic, and other specialty cables. Product line includes payoffs, accumulators, extruders, cooling troughs, capstans, takeups, computer-control systems and technology. Fiber-optic product line includes draw tower, strength tester, coloring machine, ribbon machine, secondary coating line, stranding line, and sheathing line.


Downstream equipment for sheet, profile and pipe includes wheel pullers, embosser stands, pipe perforators, in-line hot-foil indent printers, profile saws, and sheet saws for up to 114-in.-wide sheet, including trimming and slitting heads. Coilers for 1/2- through 3-in, pipe range.


Single- and tandem-foam extrusion systems for high output. Heat-exchanger system combines precise controls and efficient cooling with compact size, optimizing floor-space use. Single-screw extruders in 2.5- to 12-in. diam. with high-performance center-fed extrusion and coextrusion dies. Various-sized pull rolls, cooling mandrels and automatic winders. Laboratory to plant-scale metering systems in single or dual-gas models.


Single- and twin-screw extruders including complete systems for cast and blown film, sheet, coating, extrusion coating and laminating, profile, compounding, and film and sheet orienting machine direction and bi-axial. Highand low-boy mountings and custom designs. Complete lines include hoppers, stuffers, screen changers, film and sheet dies, air rings, oscillating nips, winder's and unwinds that feature patent-pending Zip Knife splicing/transferring system, cutters, pullers and pelletizers. Re-engineering and remanufacturing of equipment available.


Complete extrusion systems for blown film (widths of 10 to 160 in.) for LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and up to five-layer coextrusion. Custom-engineered components include single-screw extruders (for blown film, cast film, and profile extrusion) in diam. of 2 to 41/2 in.; manual screen changers; screws; single-layer and multilayer spiral blown-film die assemblies with diam. up to 60 in.; internal-bubble-cooling systems and high-output dual-lip air rings; rotators; takeoff nip assemblies; high-speed automatic surface and turret winding systems with in-line slitting, web widths to 160 in., and roll diam. to 60 in.; fixed or adjustable towers; control panels; film treaters; post-gusseters; and any additional auxiliary equipment/replacement parts. Custom engineering, updating, and planning services.


High-output sinlge- and multistrand extrusion tooling and complete downstream equipment for PVC profiles with outputs to 1200 lb/hr.


Represents Bausano of Italy, which supplies parallel twin-screw extruders and complete systems for extruding "Polywood" sheet of thermoplastic mixed with fillers such as sawdust, rice hulls and paper.

Also represents SML of Lenzing, Austria, which supplies flat film and extrusion technology, including cast film lines, calendering lines, MDO stretching and thermo-laminating lines, extrusion coating and laminating lines, mono- and multi-filament lines, and continuous screen-belt filters.


Custom builds and rebuilds high-performance extruders from 2.5- to 8-in, screw diam.


Extrusion and coextrusion machinery for wire and cable, fiber optics, profiles, industrial/medical tubing, and compounding/pelletizing.

Extruders range from 3/4- to 2 1/2-in. vertical and 3/4- to 6-in, horizontal. Cast-feed sections include generous cooling core and tangential feed for easy feeding of pellets or powders. Custom designed feed screws. Thrust bearings rated for over 10 years of working life. Barrels are bimetallic lined. Special L/Ds and high-temperature machines available.

Upstream equipment includes payoffs, dancer/accumulators, concentric taping heads, and fiber binding heads.

Downstream equipment includes water troughs (heated/chilled), capstans (wet and dry), takeups (dual or single reel), coilers, water strippers, pelletizers, strand dies and pinch rollers. Also cabling machinery, which includes single- and double-twist cablers and respooling equipment.

Complete production lines such as fiber-optic buffing lines, tubing lines and repelletizing lines with optional PLC-based computer controls. All systems custom designed. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.)


Blown film systems with extruders of 40-to 125-mm diam. and die diam. of 20-1200 mm. Conventional upward-extruding versions with rotating dies and air rings, and downward-extruding water-bath systems, optional coextrusion capability, automatic roll changing, computer controls, printers, slit-sealers, corona treaters, and bag makers. Extrusion laminating systems also available.


Single-screw extruders for blown, cast and sheet applications. Mono and coextrusion blown film dies include portless and conventional with standard or center-fed IBC, integrated control system and hardware. Downstream and winding equipment available.

Custom machine builder including MDO, embossing, foam and material handling as well as complete rebuilt machinery, upgrades and integration of components or machine units to enhance existing processing lines.


Single-screw extruders from 1- to 8-in. diam. Grooved-feed extruders for HDPE film extrusion up to 4-in. diam. Conical screw extruders for film recycling and crammer feeders. Turnkey production lines for blown film and corrugated pipe. Also in-line bagmaking equipment.


Downstream extrusion equipment for tubing, profile, sheet, strand and custom processing applications. Tubing and profile equipment includes complete turnkey systems, fully automatic cut and transfer coiling systems, taper tube and belt pullers, on-demand or continuous mode fly-knife cutters, fixed or traveling saws, discharge conveyors, automated custom machinery, multipass/multiaxis cooling and precision vacuum tanks.

Sheet equipment includes small sheet lines, runout conveyors, fully automatic cut and transfer (turret) winding systems, fixed shaft winders, automatic stackers, fixed or traveling cross-line and edge-trim saws.

Strand processing equipment line (located between extruder die and pelletizer) includes high line rate cooling baths, vacuum/blower water removal units and auxiliary strand drying racks.

Industries served include automotive, medical, packaging, resin and strapping tape. (See data sheet p. 155.)


Complete blown film extrusion lines from Carnevalli with 40- to 120-mm extruders for LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE and coextrusion.


Yellow Jacket line of custom-built single-screw extruders ranges from 3/8 to 6 in. with L/Ds up to 36:1. U.S.-built 25-mm, 36:1 corotating intermeshing twin-screw extruders supplied for laboratory and production applications. Horizontal, vertical, floor-mounted, table-top, and coextrusion models. Complete systems for tubing, sheet, compounding, rod, wire, blown film, cast film, and extrusion pressure testing, with optional microprocessor control. Complete coextrusion systems for all process types. Sheet and cast film take-offs are 8 to 24 in. wide, and pelletizers 2- and 3-in, wide. Lab and production blown-film towers. Custom new and rebuilt screws and barrels from 1/4 in. to 6 in. for all models of extruders. Specializes in high-temperature, corrosion-resistant fluoropolymer extruders and screw/barrel retrofits for existing extruders to run engineering thermoplastics.

High-torque vertical and table-top production-rated extruders feature double-reduction helical gearboxes with shaved, ground and hardened gears instead of worm or enveloping worm gearboxes. Helical box is said to be more efficient than the worm type, resulting in better power transfer to the screw, less wasted energy converted into heat from friction, and less abrasive gear wear than with worm drives. Table-top units from 3/8 to 1 1/4 in.; vertical single-post units in 3/8 to 1 1/2 in.; vertical double-post units in 2 and 2 1/2 in.

Custom-built downstream equipment includes servo and d-c pullers and cutters. Vacuum tanks, water troughs, air strippers, and dies for blown film, sheet, cast film, strand, tubing, wire insulation, cord coating, and other applications are custom made. (See Compounding/Mixing Systems.)


For sheet, compounding, profiles, tubing, and most applications, high-performance single-screw extruders from 1 1/4- to 10-in. diam. with L/D ratios from 24:1 to 40:1. Direct coupled or belt drive transmissions, closed-loop liquid or high capacity air cooling, and standard or automated process control systems. Sub-assembled extruders available.

Specializes in complete sheet extrusion systems and offers roll stack configurations to suit all sheet applications. Take-offs include silent chain drive, individual roll drive, all gear drive, and the Unistack multiposition roll stack.

Also in-line systems for high-volume thermoformers; coextruders with modular feed blocks for new and existing extruders; gear pumps with controls integrated in extruder panel for new extruders, or as retrofits with free-standing panels. Options include screen changers, dies, air knives, antistatic baths, shears and winders.

Maintains complete spare parts inventory. Field service team assists customer requirements.


See Krupp Werner & Pfleiderer Corp.


Single-screw extruders and extrusion systems designed for special applications including coextrusion. Bore diam. from 1 1/4 through 12 in. L/D ratios from 20:1 to 48:1.

Computer controls have tailored software, equipment and process diagnostics, SPC and auxiliary equipment control. Also special bases for multiple extruders or special heights and mounts.


Monolayer up to seven-layer blown film lines for LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, Nylon, EVOI-I metallocenes and blends with extruders from 2 to 6 in. Varex line includes internal bubble cooling; grooved-feed and smooth-feed throats; Barrier screw technology; oscillating hauloff; and surface/center/gap turret winders, or combinations of the three.

Besides standard dies from 4.7- to 49-in. diam., company offers its Optifil P2 automatic blown film die in diam. from 6 to 35 in. for monolayer films, 6 to 35 in. for three-layer films, and 16 to 20 in. for five-, six-and seven-layer films (New Multicone stack die available for 3 layers and up in diam. of 6-14 in.). Optifil P2 die controls transverse-direction gauge variation automatically, producing transverse-direction tolerances approaching those in the machine direction. Optifil P2 automatic die can help reduce start-up times and raw-material consumption, while manufacturing films with increased flatness and minimal curvature.

To complement Optifil P2 automatic die, Optifil Plus process-control system regulates and monitors all product-related extrusion parameters. Optifil P2 is available with varying degrees of automation.

Also economically priced Varex equipment available in simple modular design.


Specializes in complete extrusion lines, providing consulting, and turnkey installation for cast film, blown film, extrusion, coating, roll coating, laminating, tubing, fiber optics, pipe and profiles.

Single-screw extruders, screws, high-speed winders with a unique cutting mechanism for cutting most materials to prevent fold-over, unwinds, blown-film dies and low-pressure air rings, low-friction blown-film collapsing frames, manual/hydraulic/continuous screen changers, and static mixers for improving melt-stream uniformity.


See Parker Hannifin Corp.
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