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Extrusion Dies for Plastics And Rubber: Design and Engineering Computations 3rd Edition.

By Walter Michaeli

ISBN: 1-56990-349-2 362 Pages, 275 Figures 15 Tables.


The new edition of this well-received book provides a comprehensive account of the full range of dies used for the extrusion of plastics and rubber, and incorporates all new developments and innovations in the field of extrusion and die design. The distinctive features of the various types of dies are described in detail. Advice on the configuration of dies is given, and the possibilities of computer-aided design, as well as its limitations, are demonstrated.

This book illustratively explains the fundamentals and computational procedures so that the reader does not need any special prior knowledge of the subject. It describes the mechanical configuration, handling, and maintenance of extrusion dies and also deals with calibration procedures for pipes and profiles.
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Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Nov 1, 2004
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