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Extrusion Cooking.

Extrusion Cooking.

Continuous high-temperature short-time extrusion cooking is not a new technology as such but an understanding of it is of great current interest. Over the last fifty years there has been an `art' of food extrusion and much of what has been achieved has been done on an empirical basis with information gained from basic studies dealing with the thermoforming of plastics. Only in much more recent times have some of the basic thermomechanical transformations of food ingredients in the extruder begun to be understood.

Various scientific bodies around the world have encouraged work in the field and this book is intended to be a comprehensive treatise on food extrusion cooking. It begins with an overview of the various types of extruder and their applications. The next few chapters discuss engineering aspects of food extrusion, and these are followed by chapters on the properties of food materials. There are also chapters on colouring and flavouring and nutritional properties.

Besides the editors a further sixteen contributors were involved in writing the text which is set out in fifteen chapters. They carry titles: Food extruders and their applications; Engineering aspects of food extrusion; Instrumentation for extrusion processes; Scale-up, experimentation and data evaluation; Extrusion plant design; Extrusion cooking modelling, control and optimization; Transport properties of food doughs, Extrusion cooking in bioconversions; Extrusion cooking of starch and starchy products; Protein reactions during extrusion cooking; Extrusion cooking of high moisture protein foods; Colour; Flavour formation and retention during extrusion; Nutritional properties of extruded foods; and Extrusion cooking and food safety.

The text is fully referenced and illustrated with both graphical matter and pictorial representations.
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Date:Nov 1, 1989
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