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Extreme-temperature charge accelerometers.

Models 357A64 and 357M168 are two extreme-temperature (1,200[degrees]F/649[degrees]C), single-ended-output, charge accelerometers with a UHT-12 sensing element and integral hardline cable terminating in a 10-32 jack connector. They are designed for use in research and development programs for aviation/power-generation turbines.

These two models join Model 357A63 to complete an accelerometer family with three models in similarly sized housings that withstand very high temperatures, each with a different mounting option: 357A63, up to 900[degrees]F (482[degrees]C) with stud mount; 357 A64, up to 1,200[degrees]F (649[degrees]C) with screw-tab mount; and 357-M168, up to 1,200[degrees]F (649[degrees]C) with weld-tab mount.

The UHT-12 sensing element features proprietary crystal technology sealed in a hermetic package to provide long-term reliability. Reduced thermal noise spikes eliminate false alarms during monitoring. More consistent sensitivity over a wide temperature change provides greater accuracy. Shear-mode crystals prevent base strain and transverse measurement errors.

The vendor offers various charge amplifiers to support the launch of these new accelerometers. PCB Piezotronics Inc.,

By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor

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Author:Nelson, Rick
Publication:EE-Evaluation Engineering
Date:Jun 1, 2018
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