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Extreme beauty: this year's crop of insane beauty rescues leaves no stone unturned.

* UNDER HANDED You can nip and tuck until you're blue in the face (literally), but chances are your wrinkled, sun-damaged hands will still give your age away. Head to Laser Solutions in Beverly Hills, where you can get your hands "rejuvenated" ($350 per treatment). Also available at the spa/clinic are services from Dana Elise, who's honed her hair-removing skills for more than 25 years. Using both lasers and electrolysis, she can reshape your hairline (a process once popular with Hollywood greats like Rita Hayworth and now making a comeback) or resculpt your body hair in order to give the illusion of great abs ($750 to $1,000). (310) 550-5566

* FOOT FETISH Podiatrist Suzanne Levine obviously knows what it's like to walk in Manolos for hours. She offers everything from foot facials ($225), to collagen injections in the balls of your feet ($500 for both), which add an extra layer of cushion, enabling you to traipse the light fantastic all night. The only pain you'll feel will be your hangover the next morning. * WEIGHTING GAME Levine's partner, Dr. Everett Lautin, recently introduced mesotherapy to his practice. Sure it sounds like a geography lesson, but the only region in question is your body. The procedure ($400 and up per session) involves rejecting water-soluble vitamins and caffeine into "problem" areas to speed up metabolism and reduce cellulite. It's also known to treat acne scars and enhance cheekbones. (212) 535-0229 * SUSPEND YOUR BELIEF Dr.

Simon Ourian, medical director at the Epione Medical Center in BevHills, offers a quick alternative to a facelift, with no recovery time. The Brow Suspension Treatment ($900 to $2,000) is a nonsurgical, noninvasive way to lift that sagging brow, involving a scar-free suture placed under the skin, which holds the brow in place and against the pull of gravity. (800) 828-6466

Be sure to use Kiss Me Mascara ($25) before tearing up during that acceptance speech. The waterproof formula forms tiny plastic "tubes" around each lash ensuring lushness and no running or smudging.; Ball Beauty, L.A., (323) 655-2330

Guys, too, don't have to face the masses with oily facades. Boscia's Fresh Blotting Linens (100 sheets for $6), made of 100% natural linen, are like a male version of a powder compact, yet discreet enough to hide in a tux pocket,, Nordstrom at The Grove, (323) 900-1420

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Title Annotation:Oscar Survival Guide
Author:Schimmel, Daniela
Date:Feb 9, 2004
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