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Extreme Co-ed housing.

CLARK UNIVERSITY (MASS.) IS THE LATEST on a short list of institutions allowing males and females to share the same dorm room. It's not the sign of moral corruption that it might seem at first sight. The new policies are touted as a way to make transgender, gay, and lesbian students more comfortabte on campus, and to fight a "hetero-normative" mindset in housing policies.

Both students must request the assignment, and measures are in prate to ensure no one is accidentally assigned to a mixed room. Jeffrey Chang, the Clark student who spearheaded the change, has co-founded as a resource for other students and administrators considering gender-inclusive policies. He says people from more than 75 colleges and universities have visited the site since its December launch. "Increasingly, we're noticing that college administrators are more receptive to addressing their practices and policies to meet the needs of transgender students and our changing times," Chang says.
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Title Annotation:BEHIND the NEWS
Author:McClure, Ann
Publication:University Business
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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