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Extraction Introduces New VaporSorb Hybrid Filter Media; VaporSorb CSP-32 Provides Comprehensive Optics and Resist Protection for the 193nm Technology Node.

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FRANKLIN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 4, 2003

Extraction Systems today introduced the newest addition to its VaporSorb(R) filter family, the VaporSorb CSP-32, a unique hybrid media chemical air filter that removes the array of molecular contaminants affecting 248 nm, 193 nm and 157 nm lithography environments. The new filter media gives customers a comprehensive, low cost of ownership method of protecting optics and resists in advanced lithography processes.

VaporSorb CSP-32 is available for use on systems from all exposure tool manufacturers worldwide. Originally designed for the Extraction 3000 filter housing, the VaporSorb hybrid media family has over two years of proven field success; today, the filter media can be used with Extraction's entire family of filter housings, including the Extraction 3000, Extraction 1250, DUV Make Up Air, and VaporSorb 1000.

"VaporSorb CSP-32 uses a combination of media to remove contaminants and protect exposure tools now and in the future," said Dave Ruede, Filter Group Manager at Extraction. "We worked with a leading exposure tool manufacturer to test its performance, and we are confident that it provides state of the art performance in protecting optics and reticles in current and new exposure environments."

VaporSorb CSP-32 hybrid filters contain highly activated carbon plus an advanced polymeric media. This unique combination targets and removes the molecular contaminants that can degrade optics performance and sometimes lead to permanent damage of exposed optical surfaces. Extraction designed the VS-CSP-32 media to filter out molecular acids such as HCl, H2SO4 and HNO3, acid-forming species like SO2, molecular bases such as NH3, NMP and amines, and condensable organic compounds defined as those with boiling points above 150 degrees C. The advanced polymeric media also reduces the need for filter changes, lowering consumable and tool maintenance costs associated with frequent filter replacement. The unique filter design also maximizes media utilization and efficiency while minimizing pressure drop.

As with all of Extraction's filtration products, VS-CSP-32 filters are installed in a serial array for unparalleled protection against unplanned elevated contamination events, such as accidental spills of solvents and developer chemicals.

The hybrid filter incorporates Extraction's Interstack Sample Port design to provide advanced warning of filter breakthrough and prevention of inadvertent optical and resist contamination by spent filters--usually a concern with less-advanced parallel flow designs.

About Extraction

Extraction produces a wide range of molecular contamination measurement and control products for ultraclean environments. Headquartered in Franklin, Mass., the company provides solutions to the global microelectronics industry in partnership with Metron Technologies in Europe, Woowon in Korea; AOV in China; Hakuto Co. in Japan, and with Hermes Epitek in Taiwan.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 4, 2003
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