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Extra-wide mobile yard ramp.

Marubeni Komatsu, UK supplier of Komatsu construction, mining, quarrying and utility equipment, says it has experienced significant success with its recent purchase of a bespoke, extra-wide mobile yard ramp, designed by THORWORLD INDUSTRIES and supplied through Loading Bay Service.

Marubeni Komatsu was looking for a safer and more efficient unloading process for its warehouse facility. To begin sourcing the best solution, Marubeni Komatsu director Derek White found Loading Bay Service, and through association, Thorworld Industries. "We were keen to find a solution that could completely meet our needs. We knew that a standard ramp, designed for a forklift with rubber wheels wouldn't be appropriate, as the tracks on our excavators can cause a lot of damage. We required a more durable loading surface - long lasting, but also safe - and found the answer at Thorworld."


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Title Annotation:Maintenance Matters
Publication:Plant & Works Engineering
Date:Jan 1, 2020
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