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Extra-fragrant narcissus...still time to order and to plant.

Extra-fragrant The welcoming scent of some narcissus can perfume a whole room. If you'd like to try those with extra-fragrant blooms, consider the Jonquilla and Tazetta hybrids.

You should be able to find bulbs of many of these flowers at nurseries, but choices will be greater if you make your selection from one of the mail-order sources listed at right.

In mild-winter areas, plant bulbs now in a sunny spot, placing each in a hole twice the depth of the bulb's diameter. In cold-winter climates (zones 1, 2, and 3 in the Sunset Western Garden Book), wait until spring to plant. To force indoors, see the article on narcissus baskets on page 100.

Jonquilla hybrids

Jonquils (Narcissus jonquilla) have very narrow leaves and clusters of two to four small flowers on stems 7 to 16 inches high. These extra-sturdy plants are generally the most fragrant species of narcissus.

Some popular varieties include the miniature 'Baby Moon' (lemon yellow) and 'Lintie' (yellow and orange), which reach about 7 inches high. For taller jonquils, 10 to 16 inches high, try 'Sugarbush' (white petals, yellow cup), 'Suzy' (yellow petals, orange cup), 'Tittle Tattle' (yellow with a hint of orange), and 'Waterperry' (white petals, yellow cup).

You might also like to sample the old-fashioned Campernelle jonquils (N. odorus), which are natural hybrids of N. jonquilla and N. pseudonarcissus. These come in both double- and single-flowered forms and grow to about 12 inches high.

These are dozens of other excellent jonquils to choose from depending on the color and size you prefer--check mail-order catalogs for descriptions.

Tazetta hybrids

With clusters of fragrant flowers on 7-to 14-inch stems, the Tazetta daffodils are among the oldest known forms of narcissus. Your choices include 'Geranium' (white petals, orange cup), 'Grand Soleil d'Or' (golden yellow), 'Silver Chimes' (white petals, pale yellow cup), and the miniaturee 7-inch-high 'Minnow' (white petals, yellow cup). The popular paperwhites used in forcing are also Tazetta hybrids, N. Tazetta papyraceaus.

Four mail-order sources

The following nurseries specialize in narcissus varieties. Their catalogs are free except where noted.

Daffodil Mart, Route 3, Box 794, Gloucester, Va. 23061; (804) 693-3966.

Grant E. Mitsch Novelty Daffodils, Box 218, Hubbard, Ore. 97032 ($3); (503) 651-2742.

McClure & Zimmerman, 1422 W. Thorndale St., Chicago, Ill. 60660; (312) 989-0557. Sells all narcissus varieties mentioned here.

Van Bourgondien Bros., Box A, Babylon, N.Y. 11702; (516) 669-3523.
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Date:Nov 1, 1986
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