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Extra-base hit streak.

I was reading that Dale Long, Don Mattingly and Ken Griffey Jr. hold the record for hitting a home run in eight consecutive games. Can you tell me who holds the record for getting an extra-base hit in the most consecutive games?

Aaron Phillips

Boulder, CO

The record for most consecutive games with an extra-base hit is 14, set by Paul Waner of the Pirates in 1927 and equaled by Chipper Jones of the Braves in 2006.

Waner's streak extended from June 3 through June 19, a span in which he totaled 61 at-bats and 32 hits (.525 batting average), including 12 doubles, five triples and three home runs.

Jones collected an extra-base hit in 14 straight contests from June 26 through July 16, 2006. During those games, he hit .544 (31-for-57) with eight doubles, one triple and seven home runs.

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Date:Sep 1, 2013
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