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Extra space, easier flow. They started by removing a fireplace, pushing a wall back.

Extra space, easier flow. They started by removing a fireplace, pushing a wall back Sometimes rooms are in the right place, but they just don't work together. Here the living room fireplace, positioned diagonally near a doorway, made this 900-square-foot cottage seem unnecessarily cramped, boxy, and gloomy. For an easier flow between rooms and to gain extra space, San Francisco architect Anne Fougeron removed the fireplace and pushed the wall behind it back 3 feet, incorporating a former pantry. A short hall connects the expanded living room with both the back door and kitchen. Next, Fougeron opened up views between rooms. She widened the doorway between the living and dining rooms, then flanked it with large wall cutouts. Now each space borrows light and volume from the other. She also widened the opening between dining room and kitchen, letting in more light. Diners can look through the kitchen to enjoy a garden view. A new fireplace added to one wall of the dining room (barely visible at right of large picture) provides a handsome focal point. It's visible from the living room but conveniently apart from the traffic flow.

PHOTO : Opening up the diagonal view from living room to part of the kitchen gives this compact

PHOTO : house a spacious, airy feel. Record storage replaced awkwardly situated fireplace. In

PHOTO : galley kitchen, sleek cabinets frame casement windows
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Date:Jun 1, 1988
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