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Extra pay when daylight saving finishes?

I am currently preparing rosters for the first weekend in April when daylight saving finishes and I want to know if staff rostered on night duty to work a 10-hour shift will be paid for 11 hours or 10 hours?

When daylight saving was introduced in 1972 the then Hospitals Commission issued a directive as to how the change was to be handled for working hours affected by the time changes. When daylight saving finishes, staff working night duty on that night should be paid for 10 hours and are not entitled to be paid overtime for one hour.

It was also recommended that, wherever possible and if convenient, the same person should be rostered on the first weekend in October at the beginning of daylight saving when the clocks are put forward one hour, and again on the first weekend in April at the end of daylight saving when the clocks are put back one hour.

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Date:Mar 1, 2011
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