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Extra Gold takes on Bud in new spot.

Extra Gold takes on Bud in new spot

In a new twist on its "Beer is Back" advertising campaign, Coors Extra Gold will capitalize on a recent independent taste test which found which found that 58 percent of Budweiser drinkers, ages 21-49, preferred Coors Extra Gold, according to Coors Brewing Co.

The new campaign, developed by Foote, Cone and Belding, Chicago, builds on the brand's introductory "Beer is Back" campaign, which focused on the reported darker color of Extra Gold. The campaign, which is being tested in 16 markets across the country, includes television, radio, outdoor billboards, point-of-sale and in-market promotions.

In the three new television ads, side-by-side comparisons of Extra Gold and Budweiser show the two brands' colors as well as introducing the results of the taste test. Contemporary graphics reinforce the questions asked during the "man on the street" interviews with actual beer drinkers (no actors were used). Questions posed during the interview include, "Did you know something does beat a Bud?," "Which one do you think looks like a better beer?," and "Which beer would you rather try?"

Next, the interviewer summarizes the results of the recent taste test and asks how it will affect the drinkers' choice of beers. Answers range from "Gonna switch" to "Go for the Gold." The commercials end with "No doubt about it--Beer is Back," while a bottle of Extra Gold is prominently displayed.

"We're confident that the results of this survey will convince premium beer drinkers--especially Bud drinkers--to try Extra Gold," said Gary Skovsted, brand manager, Coors Extra Gold. "We believe that this campaign will make consumers think twice about the beer they usually drink."

According to Skovsted, since launching the "Beer is Back" campaign in October, sales trends of Extra Gold have improved in each of the 16 test markets. "The beer market is very volatile and, based on positive test market sales trackings, we believe premium beer drinkers have already begun sampling Coors Extra Gold and switching brands," Skovsted added. "We want to ensure Extra Gold remains competitive."
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Title Annotation:advertising campaign "Beer is Back" capitalize on survey result showing Budweiser drinkers prefer Coors Extra Gold
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 28, 1991
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