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External cages for Eclipse Guided Wave Radar.

The Eclipse Guided Wave Radar of Magnetrol International is now available with an optional offering of external by-pass cages optimised for use with GWR technology.

In spite of the possibility to re-use the existing cages from torque tube transmitters, many customers prefer to revamp the cages as well. However, existing displacer cages are not ideal and e.g. have no extra space at the top or the bottom of the measuring range, to compensate for the symptoms typical for radar technology. These symptoms vary from "dead" zones for free space radar, to zones with less accuracy (transition zones) for guided wave radar.

The Eclipse chambers have been designed with sufficient extra space, to prevent that the measurement is influenced by the possible effect that occurs due to transition zones. To allow chambers to overfill, Magnetrol has designed most of its probes in such a way that the upper transition zone has been mechanically eliminated, and therefore are 100% overfill safe. The cages are 2" or 3" in size and are available with a flanged or sealed top. Standard configurations exist in carbon steel or stainless steel and are in compliance with PED 97/23 EC directive (cat IV-H1). The cages are available for measuring ranges up to 5,7m and up to an operating pressure of 345 bar. As for any Magnetrol product, the cages can be tailor made to suit specific code compliance construction e.g. NACE, customized tank connections, extreme temperature conditions or special surface preparation or finish, or in exotic materials and alloys such as Duplex, Monel, Superduplex, and Hastelloy.

The Eclipse in cage is available in 3 configuration styles: side-side, side-bottom or top-bottom (with side mounted electronics).

The Eclipse Aurora is a specific caged configuration that combines the operation of a conventional float operated Magnetic level indicator with GWR technology. This design results in a redundant measurement with 2 autonomous operating technologies mounted with a single pair of process connections. Eclipse transmitters are built to meet extreme process conditions from--196[degrees]C to max. 400[degrees]C and from full vacuum to 345 bar.

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