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Extension Line 14 At Orly Airport - Lot Smr01 Structural Work/Second Work/Maintenance And Maintenance Site Facilities Of Morangis.

Contract notice: Extension line 14 at orly airport - lot smr01 structural work / second work / maintenance and maintenance site facilities of morangis

surface of the building: Hall 5 600m; Additional premises 1 420m ; Administrative building 1,820sqm; Washing machine 270m; Cleaning area 1,950 m; Electrical substations 560sqm; Local caretaker 126sqm. The consultation includes the following services (quantities given for information only): - establishment of common site facilities, - general earthworks (about 135,000 m 3 ) / landfill including depollution (sorting of land and landfill adapted), - deep foundations by piles (about 620), - buried networks of the site: Sanitation, Ep, Fire, Dry, Compressed air, Centralized aspiration ... (for the buildings approximately: 2,500 ml of pipelines, 1,300 ml of multitubular, 3,100 ml of isolated sheaths; : 2 900 ml of pipes, 4 100 ml of multitubular and 2800 ml of insulated ducts), - infiltration works of the site~s eps (8 basins for 750 m 3 of capacity and 450 ml of draining valley), - railway platform (approximately 15 000m of geotextile and 10 500m 3 embankments in draining gravity), - civil engineering (rafters, Pavements, Post / beam structures, Ba preprofiles, Waterproofing): Buildings and external structures (approximately 10,000 m 3 of ba and 6,000 m of premurs), - metal structure and rolling bridge crane runways (approximately 400 t), - roofing / waterproofing / insulation / cladding (approximately 20 000 m of roofing), - finishing work: Masonry / plastering / doors / locksmithing / metalwork / mirrors / glazing / painting / claddings / false ceilings / bridges / signposting, ... (approximately 3,000m of glazed frames, 95 tonnes of locksmith, 26,000m of paint ) - industrial closures (train doors, Metal curtains, Etc.), - stoppers for trains (7 solid ba for about 60 m 3 , Based on piles and equipped with hydraulic dampers), - installation of ventilation outlets and grills for natural smoke extraction, - exterior development of the site: Roadways, Traffic, Parking, Gabion retaining walls, Gates, ... (approximately: Heavy roads 6 000m bituminous coating and 4 000m of honeycomb / gravel, 450 m 3 wall gabion). The 2 additional services concern the realization of 8 additional garage positions distributed as follows: - service n 1: Creation of 4 additional garage positions covered by a shade, - benefit n 2: Creation of 4 additional garage positions not covered. Excluding services: Trench connection to the line, Landscaping (green spaces, Green roof, Watering, Structure and furniture on the ground, ...) and fences, Technical lots (low voltage, Heating / ventilation, Plumbing, Low currents), Specific industrial equipment and railway systems.

This contract is divided into lots: No

deposits and guarantees required: A holdback of 5% of the ttc amount of the contract is provided. This retenti

Major organization : RATP

Address : Lac B916 54 Quai De La Rape

Paris Cedex 12


Contact Person: Stphane Candellari

Country :France

Email :

Address : Https://Ratp.Bravosolution.Com/Web/Login.Html

Tender notice number : 498904-2017

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2018-01-15

Tender documents : T430596094.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Dec 15, 2017
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