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Extended Systems introduces phone-to-PC sync for Outlook Express.

Extended Systems (Nasdaq:XTND), a provider of mobile information management solutions, has released consumer-focused software that allows Sony Ericsson phone users to sync Outlook Express contacts between a desktop PC and popular Sony Ericsson phones including the 300LX, R300d, R520m, T39m, and several T60 and T600 models.

With this release, Extended Systems builds on its OEM (original equipment manufacturer) success in the mobile phone synchronization market, as the company's synchronization technology is already bundled with a variety of Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Motorola mobile devices. The new software, XTNDConnect PC Phone Sync, gives Sony Ericsson end users an inexpensive way to utilize the market's leading desktop synchronization technology to manage contact lists using Outlook Express.

In addition, XTNDConnect PC Phone Sync provides users with an upgrade path to XTNDConnect PC, which supports all popular PDA's and groupware applications, and to OneBridge Mobile Groupware, Extended Systems reputable server-based product that now features IP-based push capability. With a list price of $19.95, Extended Systems' XTNDConnect PC Phone Sync will be highly competitive with other Outlook Express phone sync solutions on the retail market.

"People are very dependent on the contact list stored on their mobile phone and are demanding a simple way to keep the list up to date when adding or changing contact information," said Extended Systems Business Unit Manager David Hofacker. "The user interface on mobile phones cannot provide a convenient way to do this, but a PC is ideal for the job. Virtually everyone who has a Microsoft-based PC has Outlook Express," Hofacker continued, "so providing synchronization between the mobile phone and Outlook Express gives users a very simple, very convenient way to add, delete, modify and manage the contact list on their mobile phone."

Extended Systems' XTNDConnect PC Phone Sync is a software application that enables Sony Ericsson phone users to synchronize contacts between their mobile phone and the popular email and contact manager Outlook Express. With the introduction of XTNDConnect PC Phone Sync, Extended Systems extends the availability of its desktop synchronization software technology to users who require a simple, inexpensive way to manage their contact information without using enterprise PIM tools like MS Outlook or Lotus Notes.
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Comment:Extended Systems introduces phone-to-PC sync for Outlook Express.
Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Sep 15, 2003
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