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Extend a hand.

Greg Kandra's skillful and theologically insightful Practicing Catholic ("Fronds forever," March) provides an excellent starting point for anyone serious about walking a Lenten journey of self-refection and conversion. Kandra reminds us that the palms we receive at the start of Holy Week a symbol of triumph that has endured within our religious imagination for centuries--must also invite us to open the palms of our hands in self-sacrifice on behalf of our brothers and sisters.

While the palms of Holy Week are destined to become ashes, the palms of our hands offered in loving service will one day be given a crown of eternal glory.

Kandra connects the most profound insights of our Catholic faith with our ordinary experiences. The challenge he offers us, to become open hands of service is most sorely needed, especially as we live through these days of turmoil and pain both inside our beloved church and contemporary society.

Msgr. Frank Caggiano

Brooklyn, N. Y.
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Author:Caggiano, Frank
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Date:May 1, 2004
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