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Express plus from Dynatek.

Express Plus from Dynatek

Dynatek's Express Plus is a full function package that addresses all areas of loan origination/production. The system supports laptops, laser forms, branch office communications, a credit bureau interface and data-export functions, and has an optional secondary marketing module. Dynatek has approximately 400 systems in use at 90-plus clients.

Dynatek provides users with the ability to tailor the system to their business. A user can add approximately 250 loan- and 75 borrower-data fields of their own to the database. The screen on which a data field is entered can be changed, fields can be added or deleted, or the user can add entirely new screens. Each screen can also be defined as applicable for only certain loan types. The security system also allows tailoring the system for individual users; letting users access only the functions for which they are approved. Other restrictions can be applied at rate lock-in so that only management can change certain fields.

An extremely powerful report writer is included with the software. Dynatek has integrated the Intelligent Query package from Professional Intelligence and allows access to any data field for custom reports. The package guides a user through the report development process, so a programmer isn't needed to add reports to the system. And reports can be previewed on the screen, allowing both a fast trial-and-error approach to report development and use of the report writer for ad-hoc queries.

The Dynatek software minimizes the user's data entry throughout the package. A hierarchy of default responses can be defined for each field, whereby the user isn't required to do any data entry unless the answer is different from the default. The default responses can be global or specific to a loan program. To locate where the value can be selected from a table, such as a vendor name, pop-up windows can be used to select a value and pull in related information. The user can add values to the table at any time. Another feature to reduce added keystrokes is the ability to enter today's date with a quick, two-keystroke combination. With the exception of the prequalification module, all modules are well integrated so that data entry occurs only once. The Dynatek prequalification module is the Qualification Commander package from Command Decisions, Inc., and currently there is no interface of loan-program and borrower information between prequalification and the other modules.

A unique offering from Dynatek is a customer bulletin board, which is a part of its support service. Update notices, regulatory changes and program or form modifications are posted on the bulletin board weekly. Customers can even download urgent alterations to programs or forms.

John Roy, assistant vice president and manager for information systems at Marathon Mortgage, Southfield, Michigan, told us that Dynatek's software had not only allowed them to increase their volume, but had also improved their accuracy. Roy likes the flexibility of the software, and in particular, "the ability to make changes and add to the software without having to be a programmer."

Thus, the marketplace for loan origination/production software is rich with features supporting a mortgage banker's business. The key to successful implementation is selecting software that fits your business rather than forcing your business to accommodate the software. The packages available support a wide variety of organizational structures and business styles, and all support the regulatory and compliance standards imposed on the industry as well as offering varying degrees of flexibility for tailoring the software to your business. For most organizations in this industry, there should be a package solution that addresses the loan origination/production needs.

Mark Goldman and Ray Roberson are senior consultants at C.C. Pace Systems, Inc., an information systems consulting firm in Fairfax, Virginia that specializes in real estate finance systems. To provide ideas or feedback for this department, call them directly at (703) 631-6600.
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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