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Express Feedback On Windows Phone Handset Through The Newly Launched Review Page For Lumia Devices.

Android and iOS are the market leaders when it comes to operating system for mobile devices. It has been difficult for the Windows Phone to disturb the popularity of Android and iOS, but Microsoft seems to be very determined to gain popularity. Microsoft has now started a dedicated review page where are all Lumia devices are listed.

Microsoft's brave attempt of starting a ( review page for its Lumia products indicates the Redmond, Washington firm is confident about its products. The page contains all kinds of Lumia devices. Users can simply click on the device they own and publish reviews on the basis of their user experience. Users can feel free to add positive or negative comments.

The reviews can help potential buyers in making an informed purchasing decision regarding the best Windows Phone smartphone for them. While shopping for a Windows Phone-powered handset, they may not know the known drawbacks of the device. Although there are plenty of happy Windows Phone device users, the review page built by Microsoft will allow buyers to gauge all the positive and negative features of any Lumia device.

One drawback that may put off potential buyers could be Microsoft's live tiles feature, which users who are used to Android and iOS user interface may find intimidating. Another area that needs improvement is the Windows Phone store that is not currently equipped with a wide range of apps.

These drawbacks could have contributed to the very poor Windows Phone market share in China where there are hardly any Lumia device users. However, PhoneArena states the popularity of Windows Phone has been increasing consistently and brand loyalty is also building up, albeit slowly.

Microsoft has launched various Lumia devices with the Nokia brand name in the past. Most of them have been mid-range handsets that come with inexpensive price tags and competitive features. The latest of which are the Nokia Lumia 830 and the Nokia Lumia 730. There are also a couple of new Lumia products in the making, such as the Lumia 535 and the Lumia 940, which are going to release soon.

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Date:Nov 11, 2014
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