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Exposure drafts outstanding.

Exposure Drafts Outstanding

(This list was compiled as of October 1, 2004. For exposure drafts
issued after that date, consult The CPA Letter. Note: The policy for
updating the list of exposure drafts is that a document should remain
on the list until a final document has been issued or the project has
been dropped. However, no comments will be received after the
continents deadline has expired. The list is not all-inclusive but is
intended to present the exposure drafts of particular interest to
professional accountants.)

Issue Comment
Date Title or Description Deadline

6/23/04 Fair Value Measurements 9/7/04
6/17/04 Accounting for Conditional Asset Retirement 8/1/04
 Obligations--an interpretation of FASB
 Statement No. 143
3/31/04 Share-Based Payment--an amendment of FASB 6/30/04
 Statements No. 123 and 95
12/15/03 Inventory Costs--an amendment of ARB No. 43, 4/13/04
 Chapter 4
12/15/03 Earnings per Share--an amendment of FASB 4/13/04
 Statement No. 128
12/15/03 Exchanges of Productive Assets--an amendment 4/13/04
 of APB Opinion No. 29
12/15/03 Accounting Changes and Error Corrections-- 4/13/04
 a replacement of APB Opinion No. 20 and FASB
 Statcrnwnt No. 3
6/10/03 Qualifying Special-Purpose Entities and 7/31/03
 Isolation of Transferred Assets--an amendment
 of FASB Statement No. 140
2/20/03 Accounting for Real Estate Time-Sharing 4/30/03
 Transactions--an amendment of FASB Statements
 No. 66 and 67
10/27/00 Proposed Amendment to FASB Concepts Statement 3/31/01
 No. 6 to Revise the Definition of Liabilities,
 an Amendment of FASB Concepts Statement No. 6
10/27/00 Accounting for Financial Instruments with 3/31/01
 Characteristics of Liabilities, Equity, or
12/14/99 Reporting Financial Instruments and Certain 5/31/00
 Related Assets and Liabilities at Fair Value
 (preliminary views)
2/23/99 Consolidated Financial Statements: Purpose and 5/24/99

6/19/03 Proposed Statement of Position, Allowance for 9/19/03
 Credit Losses
3/14/03 Proposed Statement of Position, Accounting by 5/14/03
 Insurance Enterprises for Deferred Acquisition
 Costs on Internal Replacements Other Than
 Those Specifically Described in FASB Statement
 No. 97
2/20/03 Proposed Statement of Position, Accounting for 4/30/03
 Real Estate Time-Sharing Transactions
12/17/02 Proposed Statement of Position, Clarification 3/31/03
 of the Scope of the Audit and Accounting Guide
 Audits of Investment Companies and Accounting
 by Parent Companies and Equity Method
 Investors for Investment in Investment

3/5/04 Proposed Statement of Position, Auditing the 4/2/04
 Statement of Social Insurance
3/18/03 Proposed Statement on Auditing Standards, 5/30/03
 Communication of Internal Control Related
 Matters Noted in an Audit
3/18/03 Proposed Statements on Auditing Standards and 5/15/03
 Statement on Standards for Attestation
 Engagements Related to Internal Control:
 Auditing an Entity's Internal Control Over
 Financial Reporting in Conjunction With the
 Financial Statement Audit; Amendment to
 Statement on Auditing Standards No. 100,
 Interim Financial Information; and Reporting
 on an Entity's Internal Control over Financial
 Reporting *
4/1/03 Proposed Statement on Auditing Standards, 5/15/03
 Sarbanes-Oxley Omnibus Statement on Auditing
 Standards *
12/2/02 Proposed Statements on Auditing Standards: 4/30/03
 Amendment to Statement on Auditing Standards
 No. 95, Generally Accepted Auditing Standards;
 Audit Evidence; Audit Risk and Materiality in
 Conducting an Audit; Planning and Supervision;
 Understanding the Entity and Its Environment
 and Assessing the Risks of Material Mis-
 statement; Performing Audit Procedures in
 Response to Assessed Risks and Evaluating the
 Audit Evidence Obtained; and Amendment to
 Statement on Auditing Standards No. 39, Audit

9/20/04# XBRL US Financial Reporting Taxonomy 11/19/04#
8/9/04 Omnibus Proposal of Professional Ethics 10/8/04
 Division Interpretations and Rulings
7/15/04 Forensic Services, Audits, and Corporate 10/15/04
 Governance: Bridging the Gap
5/30/03 Proposed Revisions to the AICPA Standards for 8/8/03
 Performing and Reporting on Peer Reviews
11/15/02 Proposed Tax Standards Interpretation 1-2, 4/30/03
 "Tax Planning," of Statement on Standards for
 Tax Services No. 1, Tax Return Positions
11/1/01 AICPA/NASBA Uniform Accountancy Act and 12/31/01
 Uniform Accountancy Act Rules
3/7/01 Statement on Standards for Continuing 8/1/01
 Professional Education Programs

4/15/04 Use of Form S-8 and Form 8-K by Shell 6/7/04
 Companies; Release No. 34-49566
3/11/04 First-Time Application of International 4/19/04
 Financial Reporting Standards; Release Nos.:
 33-8397; 34-49403; International Series
 Release No. 1274 (See Correction 3/18/04;
 Release Nos. 33-8397A; 34-49403A;
 International Series Release No. 1274A)
6/26/02 Framework for Enhancing the Quality of 9/3/02
 Financial Information Through Improvement of
 Oversight of the Auditing Process; Release
 Nos. 33-8109; 34-46120; 35-27543; IA-2039;
5/10/02 Disclosure in Management's Discussion and 7/19/02
 Analysis about the Application of Critical
 Accounting Policies (Release Nos. 33-8098;
4/12/02 Form 8-K Disclosure of Certain Management 6/24/02
 Transactions; Release No. 33-8090
4/12/02 Form 8-K Disclosure of Certain Management 6/24/02
 Transactions; Release No. 34-45742
2/18/00 SEC Concept Release: International Accounting 5/23/00
1/21/00 Supplementary Financial Information 4/17/00

6/30/04 Net Assets Restricted by Enabling Legislation 8/31/04
 --an amendment of GASB Statements No. 34 and
 No. 44
6/23/04 Communication Methods 9/30/04

7/14/04 Preface to the International Standards on 10/15/04
 Quality Control, Auditing, Assurance and
 Related Services--IAASB Due Process and
 Working Procedures
1/20/04 Revenue from Non-Exchange Transactions 6/30/04
 (Including Taxes and Transfers)
1/20/04 Accounting for Social Policies of Governments 6/30/04
12/23/03 ISA 600 (Revised), "The Work of Related 3/31/04
 Auditors and Other Auditors in the Audit of
 Group Financial Statements" and IAPS, "The
 Audit of Group Financial Statements"
12/22/03 ISA700 (Revised), "The Independent Auditor's 3/31/04
 Report on a Complete Set of General Purpose
 Financial Statements" ISA 200, "Objective and
 General Principles Governing an Audit of
 Financial Statements" Amendment to ISA 210,
 "Terms of Audit Engagements" Conforming
11/11/03 Revision to Code of Ethics for Professional
 Accountants 2/15/04
10/30/03 Continuing Professional Development: 12/31/03
 A Program of Lifelong Learning and Continuing
 Development of Professional Competence
9/16/03 ED 23: Impairment of Assets--Proposed 1/31/04
 International Public Sector Accounting
7/18/03 Proposed Revised Code of Ethics for 11/30/03
 Professional Accountants
6/24/03 Proposed International Standard on Auditing: 9/30/03
 "Review of Interim Financial Information
 Performed by the Auditor of the Entity"

7/21/04 Deferral of the Effective Date of 8/20/04
 Reclassification of the Statement of Social
 Insurance: Amending SFFAS Nos. 25 and 26
4/26/04 Inter-Entity Cost Implementation: Amending 7/31/04
 SFFAS 4, "Managerial Cost Accounting Standards
 and Concepts"
10/16/03 Identifying and Reporting on Earmarked Funds 12/17/03
8/20/03 Heritage Assets and Stewardship Land: 11/10/03
 Reclassification from Required Supplementary
 Stewardship Information
4/21/03 Accounting for Fiduciary Activities 7/31/03

At the present time PCAOB exposure drafts have very short comment
periods. A list of outstanding PCAOB exposure drafts is available
online at

New additions appear in bold type.

* This exposure draft has been submitted to the Public Company
Accounting Oversight Board for its consideration as auditing and
attestation standards.

Note: New additions are indicated with #.


The initials stand for the following organizations. Exposure drafts are available online at the Web addresses below or copies may be obtained at the address in parentheses (unless otherwise indicated).

FASB--Financial Accounting Standards Board (Order Department, Financial Accounting Standards Board, 401 Merritt 7, PO Box 5116, Norwalk, CT 06856-5116); also available online at

GASB--Governmental Accounting Standards Board (Order Department, Governmental Accounting Standards Board, 401 Merritt 7, P.O. Box 5116, Norwalk, CT 06856-5116); also available online at

AICPA--American Institute of CPAs (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Harborside Financial Center, 201 Plaza Three, Jersey City, NJ 07311-3881). AI CPA publishes exposure drafts exclusively on the Web site at Print copies are not available.

IASB--International Accounting Standards Board (International Accounting Standards Board, 30 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6XH, United Kingdom), also available online at

IFAC--International Federation of Accountants (International Federation of Accountants, 545 Fifth Avenue, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10017); also available online at

SEC--Securities and Exchange Commission (Securities and Exchange Commission, 450 5th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20549); also available online at

FASAB--Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board, 441 G Street, N.W., Suite 6814, Washington, DC 20548); also available online at

GAO--U.S. General Accounting Office (Government Auditing Standards Comments, Marcia B. Buchanan, U.S. General Accounting Office, Room 5089, 441 G Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20548);

PCAOB--Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, 1666 K Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20006 2803;


The Technical Information Service answers inquiries about specific audit or accounting problems. Call toll-free 888-777-7077 or e-mail query to This service is free to AICPA members.
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