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Exposition de Physique.

The Paris Expo Center in France was the site of the Electronics and Physics-Research-Industry Week held from September 19-21, 2000. The convention catered to a variety of industries, from academia and biotechnology to pharmaceuticals and electronics. The expo had 7,170 visitors for the Electronics show, while 7,385 people attended the Physics-Research-Industry conference. Surprisingly, attendance was down this year compared to the last two years when over 20,000 visitors attended the expo.

A possible reason for the lower turnout could be that Analytica in Munich, Forum Labo in Paris, and Achema in Frankfort were all held earlier in 2000.

According to the Socit Francaise de Physique, over 2% of Europe's gross industrial product is spent on R&D. With that in mind, this expo aims to provide an opportunity for many industries to share their products and advances in a cooperative environment. Last year's focus was on technology transfers, but this year the Exposition de Physique focused on applications, emphasizing production efficiency, industry and research alliances, and innovation.

A total of 232 firms exhibited at the Physics-Research-Industry convention, featuring a wide range of technologies. PerkinElmer, GSI Lumonics, Varian and Oxford Instruments, to name a few, were all exhibitors at the show.

A convention highlight was the presentation of the Yves Rocard Prize to Groupe de Physique des Matriaux (GPM) of Rouen University and Cameca for their joint development of the Tomographic Atom Probe (TAP). TAP is a quantitative technique that provides atomic-scale 3D elemental mapping of chemical heterogeneity in metallic materials using field evaporation and position-sensitive detectors.

Next year's Exposition de Physique will be held October 23-25, 2001 at the Paris Expo Center.
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