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Expo Nonwovens Asia bringing industry to Tokyo.

Expo Nonwovens Asia Bringing Industry To Tokyo

Attempting to find a niche in the Asian segment of the worldwide nonwovens industry, the new Expo Nonwovens Asia, billed as the First International Engineered Fabrics Machinery and Suppliers Exhibition and Conference for Asia, is taking shape for its May 7-9 run at the Tokyo International Trade Center (Harumi).

The international gathering is organized by INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry; E.J. Krause, Bethesda, MD, a major trade show organizer; and Miller Freeman, a trade publishing company. Nonwovens Industry is an official supporting publication of Expo Nonwovens Asia.

In addition, Expo Nonwovens Asia is sponsored by the major Asian industry associations, including NEFA, Nippon Engineered Fabrics Association; NINA, Nippon Nonwovens Association; the Korea Nonwovens Industry Cooperative; the Taiwan Regional Association of Nonwovens Fabrics Industries; the Japan Felt Association; the Japan Carpet Association; the Japan Floor Covering Inspection Institute Foundation; the Nonwovens Committee of the Textile Machinery Society of Japan; and the High Performance Paper Society of Japan.

Expo Nonwovens Asia is designed to consist of two parts - a major equipment and suppliers exhibition and a conference on technical and marketing trends in the industry. The exhibition will include machinery and supplies targeted to the absorbent product, medical, agricultural, automotive and construction industries.

The conference, scheduled for May 7,8 at the Hotel Mariners' Court Tokyo, across the street from the fair grounds, will highlight the latest technology and marketing innovations in Asia, North America and Europe. A keynote speaker from each of these regions will introduce each of the three sessions. Trends and issues in markets, technology (spunlaced, melt blown and spunbonded), raw materials and equipment will be discussed.

In addition to this conference, a Nonwoven Basics Short Course will be offered May 9 at the Tokyo Trade Fair Grounds by Dr. Edward Vaughn, a professor at Clemson University and a member of the Nonwovens Industry Editorial Advisory Board.

For further information: Steven Douglas, E.J. Krause & Associates, 7315 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 420 East, Bethesda, MD 20814 USA; (301)986-7800; Fax (301)986-4538.
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Title Annotation:First International Engineered Fabrics Machinery and Suppliers Exhibition and Conference for Asia
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Mar 1, 1991
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