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Explore the naked truth; PICK OF THE DAY the Explore truth naked.

MY DAUGHTER THE TEENAGE NUDIST C4, 10pm IF a tree falls in a forest and there's no one there to hear it, does it still make a sound? Equally with nudism, if you want to take your clothes off but there's no one around to see you, would you still bother? These are a couple of questions that occurred to me watching Amanda Blue's film about the British Naturists Society's recruitment drive to enlist more members under 30.

What is it about getting naked exactly that should require you to do it in a group? Another group Amanda meets consists of three young naked vegans who like to cook in the buff, and share photos and recipes on their website.

They're doing it to challenge the images of the perfect bodies they see in the media.

For the two lads, you can see where they're coming from - but the third naked vegan, Alex, is a female student with a figure that could double for Kate Moss.

The teenager in the title is Molly, 18, one of the hundreds who took part in the recent mass naked bike rides as part of a green protest.

Her mother is understandably concerned that people seeing her would think "Naked girl on a bike" and not "Thank you for raising my awareness of CO2 emissions. I will try harder to be more eco-friendly."

Now Molly is flirting with joining the British Naturists and has brought some friends with her - some keener on stripping off than others.

Interestingly, it's her fully-clothed mate Clare who comes across as the real free-thinker.

What could be more rebellious than wearing an anorak in a nudist colony? TURN OVER FOR BRITAIN'S BEST TV GUIDE WE LOVE NATURE EARTHFLIGHT BBC1, 8pm IF you've always fancied a relaxing, animal-based feature for your living room, forget a fish-tank. Get a massive HD TV and show this series on loop.

The photography is gorgeously hypnotic, and far more eventful than watching some poor, cooped-up fish swim laps.

But what's more impressive, as we soar alongside a flock of cranes, is that we're close enough to hear every flap of their wings.

This week we're gliding over Europe as birds migrate from Africa to the north. The series isn't bothered with explaining why they make this journey - it just sits back in amazement.

Even a shot of hot rooftops as the birds fly over a town looks amazing. But the best shot is from the Camargue in France as a flock of flamingoes taking a rest look up in alarm to see a herd of white horses galloping towards them through the water.

OK, so they're probably thinking, which idiot ordered the Guinness commercial? WE LOVE DRAMA ETERNAL LAW ITV1, 9pm THE second wing-based show of the night and a second chance for the fantasy drama to persuade us that sending angels to Earth to settle legal tussles in York is a fabulous idea. Sadly, I'm less convinced than ever.

This week Zak, Tom and Mrs Sheringham take on a custody battle. You may ask how this would play out in a drama without angels. The answer is, it wouldn't, and the makers would have to come up with a more interesting story.

At this rate, by week four, God's messengers will be thrilling us with their moderately tricky conveyancing workload.

By coincidence (or divine intervention), the heavenly trio are once again up against rogue angel Mr Pembroke, who has hired Zak's human love-interest Hannah as his assistant.

Elsewhere, Tom puzzles over human love while Mrs S gets all misty-eyed about her human husband.

JWE LOVE SOAPS EMMERDALE ITV1, 7pm & 8pm IT'S Try To Make A Baby Night: Take 2. And this time Debbie isn't taking any chances.

She's taken Andy to a hotel and has packed one or two accessories to get him in the mood. Time to cover your eyes, children!

EASTENDERS BBC1, 7.30pm THE brand new Lucy Beale shows her face tonight, although, just to confuse things, they've done her up to look like yet another incarnation of Sam Mitchell. And Lucy wants answers Elsewhere, David Wicks finds Michael makes a rubbish accomplice and there's more proof that Jamie Foreman is the best thing to happen to EastEnders in years as we see Derek Branning painstakingly ironing one of Amy's little pink dresses.

CORONATION STREET ITV1, 8.30pm THE subtle, dignified approach is all well and good after a break-up - and then there's Kirsty's way of doing things, chasing Tyrone and Tina in a police car with the siren wailing and the flashing blue lights.

Elsewhere, Frank goes in for more sneaky measures as he hires a private detective to follow Carla and Peter. Not difficult. These two are so rubbish at hiding, Mr Magoo would have no trouble catching them at it.



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Date:Jan 12, 2012
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