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Exploratory/Developmental Grants for Diagnostic Cancer Imaging.

The Biomedical Imaging Program of the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis solicits exploratory/ developmental (R21) grants that articulate highly innovative research concepts in diagnostic cancer imaging. Within each area of importance in imaging there exists a need for innovative and creative approaches leading to new avenues of research. One way to encourage research into high risk/high impact areas is to provide investigators with the initial resources required to accomplish feasibility and pilot testing of innovative ideas.

Research topics to be supported by the R21 mechanism will be those falling within broad areas of dear importance to the future of in vivo biomedical cancer imaging: 1) development of new and innovative imaging modalities and their optimization, characterization, preclinical, and clinical evaluation, with emphasis on their potential for cancer screening, diagnosis, or treatment; 2) development of new and innovative contrast or molecular/radiotracer agents for tumor visualization and interpretation for cancer diagnosis, staging, or treatment, or for understanding the physiologic states of organ systems and tumor systems; 3) development of new and innovative methods for image acquisition, display, transmission, computer-assisted analysis, teleradiology, and telemedicine applications that impact cancer screening, diagnosis, or treatment, or that improve cost effectiveness in the oncology setting; or 4) development of innovative methods for interventional radiology and techniques for improved image-guided diagnosis or treatment.

Applicants may request up to two years of support and up to $125,000 per annum in direct costs. Complete and detailed application instructions and information can be found on the Internet at http:// 1-030.html.

Contact: Anne E. Menkens, Biomedical Imaging Program, National Cancer Institute, EPN 6068, 6130. Executive Boulevard, Bethesda, MD 20892 USA, 301-496-9531, fax: 301-480-5785, e-mail: am187k@, Internet: Reference: PA No. PA-01-030
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Publication:Environmental Health Perspectives
Date:Feb 1, 2001
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