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Exploitative China-Africa relations.

Your March edition cover story China in Rising Africa, places too little emphasis on the negative aspects of China's "investment" in Africa or its likely ulterior motives. The four nations that receive the most finance all have large mineral deposits. Two of them--Nigeria and Angola--are members of OPEC.

Angola and Nigeria are among the most corrupt nations in the world. It can be no great mystery as to why China invests heavily in these nations in particular.

Much of the "investment" also comes in the form of concessionary loans with China, effectively, taking on the role of the World Bank.

And let's not forget that for a country that, supposedly, desires to work together with African nations to develop their countries, most construction contracts are going to Chinese companies that are employing 70% Chinese personnel--evidence can be seen in the photographs you ran in your March edition. The jobs being created should go to Africans.

Finally, the roads and railways seem to conveniently link industrial and mining centres to major cities and then onto the coast, and port cities like Mombasa. It can only be surmised that the next stop is Shanghai, with thousands of tonnes of metals and minerals extracted at an exploitative, low cost.

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Author:Adshead, Daniel Armani
Publication:New African
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Apr 1, 2015
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