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Exploitation of Microorganisms.

Microbiology as a science is probably only as old as Pasteur and his discoveries but initially it was the medical people who became most interested in the potential and effects of microorganisms. Having said that, the work of microorganisms in terms of fermentation, plant and animal diseases and nutrient cycling has been appreciated, although perhaps not understood, a great deal longer.

In recent decades the expressions microbial genetics and genetic engineering have come into being in that they are now being utilised. Another interest that has developed is the whole area of pollution and environmental damage, also allied to microorganisms.

Back in 1990 a conference entitled The exploitation of microorganisms in applied biology was held and this text relates to that event. It was obvious at the time that many areas of exploitation of microorganisms were not covered and this text is an attempt to combine reviews and current positions in different areas of microorganism exploitation. To do this, 22 contributors have applied themselves to setting the story down on paper.

Their chapters carry titles: Biological control of weeds with fungal plant pathogens; The use of Bacillus thuringiensis as an insecticide; Aspects of biocontrol of fungal plant pathogens; The use of microbial agents for the biological control of plant parasitic nematodes; Insect viruses as biocontrol agents; Cyanobacteria and Azolla; Mycorrhizal associations; Rhizobium inoculation of crop plants; The use of microorganisms in plant breeding; The mushroom industry; The exploitation of microorganisms in the processing of dairy products; The exploitation of microorganisms in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages; The exploitation of moulds in fermented foods; The exploitation of microorganisms in the developing countries of the tropics; Microorganisms and detoxification of industrial waste; Formulation of biological control agents; and The commercial exploitation of microorganisms in agriculture.
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