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Can you write the numbers 1 through 6 in the circles so that the total along each side of the triangle always equals 9? Hint: You can use each number only once.


YOU CAN DO IT, p. 22

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Last April, a 12 meter (40 foot)-tall robot called Robosaurus stunned onlookers at an air show in Riverside, California. Robo's opening act: It hoisted a car and took a big chomp with its jaw. Then it barbecued the leftovers by shooting fire streams from its nostrils. But this stunt wasn't easy; it took brains. An operator was inside the robot's head. Special controls were attached to the "robot master." As he or she moved an arm, Robosaurus moved its corresponding arm in the same direction.

Brain Teaser

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Date:Oct 11, 2004
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