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Why the hard hat?



This tiny hermit crab sports a miniature hard hat and poses on a toy tractor--all to compete in the Miss Crustacean Beauty Pageant in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Hermit crabs may not mind wearing unusual costumes. Why? These tiny crabs (about 1 inch in length) do not have very hard shells. For protection, they live in the abandoned shells of other animals.

Strangely enough, all pageant winners are crowned "Miss Crustacean," even though last year's winner was a male crab named Redboy. Since it's difficult to determine the gender era hermit crab, pageant officials suspect other past winners may have been male too.

Want to check out the crustacean competition for yourself? The 29th annual pageant will be held in Ocean City on August 4, 2004.
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Publication:Science World
Date:May 10, 2004
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