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Experts warm to Ulrick & Short's tapioca innovation.

Ulrick & Short Ltd, a clean label ingredients specialist, is reviving a renowned traditional staple food by successfully developing clean label tapioca derived ingredients that can replace waxy maize starches and fat.

Tapioca has been around for centuries as a gluten-free food and as a thickening agent but has been criticised for its relatively high processing costs. Because of this, the food industry has favoured waxy maize starches.

Recognising this tremendous potential over nine years ago, Ulrick & Short has since launched more than 30 different highly functional clean label ingredients all produced from tapioca.

The company achieved this by expertly identifying the tapioca plant as a source of highly functional food ingredients, which are now bringing significant cost savings and nutritional benefits to food manufactures.

For example, Ulrick & Short's Delyte range has provided opportunities for the bakery and ready meal industries to easily replace butter and oils in cakes, bakery fillings and in ready meal sauces without compromising on taste, texture or quality.

Not only this, but food producers can in many cases simply declare the ingredients as tapioca or sago, which consumers are familiar with as many households would traditionally have some in their kitchen cupboards.

With the future commercial cultivation of genetically modified (GM) corn in Europe, it will become more difficult and expensive to guarantee the non GM status of corn grains due to concerns over cross contamination risks.

Tapioca, on the other hand, will have a continued non-GM status.

The company's co-founder Andrew Ulrick said: "We started working with tapioca nine years ago with an original objective to offer an improved alternative to potato starches in European formulations. We worked with traditional growing methods and processing techniques in order to improve the stability and functionality of the carbohydrate derived from tapioca."

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Comment:Experts warm to Ulrick & Short's tapioca innovation.(Ingredients)
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Date:Feb 1, 2009
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