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Experts brief Congress staff on small nuclear reactors.

SPEAKERS FROH WESTINGHOUSE Electric Co., mPower, and NuScale recently briefed Congressional leaders on a new generation of small nuclear reactor designs.

ASME President Marc W. Goldsmith moderated the briefing, "New Nuclear Technology: Small Modular Reactors," \ which highlighted how government, utilities, industry, universities, and manufacturers must work together to leverage their collective R&D assets to expand the technical knowledge needed to advance the design and safety of nuclear power plant technology.

The briefing featured Michael Richard, director for government and international affairs for Westinghouse; Michael. S. McGough, chief commercial officer for NuScale; and Frank Helin, vice president of product development for mPower. Each of those companies is working to build small reactors.

The speakers provided an update to congressional staff on industry and Department of Energy-supported efforts to develop advances in nuclear reactor designs to provide safer, more affordable, and emissions-free energy production. Richard emphasized the need for U.S. leadership in the development of new nuclear technologies, and discussed the various applications for SMR technology, such as electricity production, process heat development, and other industrial applications.

Scott Bond, director of nuclear development for Ameren Missouri, a utility, discussed the planning of his company's future energy production portfolio, the challenges facing an aging U.S. energy infrastructure, and how SMR technology may make economic sense for utilities.

The briefing was given under the aegis of ASME, IEEE, and the Congressional Research and Development Caucus.

Presentations from the SMR briefing are available on the Congressional R&D Caucus website at:

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Date:May 1, 2013
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