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Experts Available to Discuss IEEE Finalizes 802.11i Security Standard.

TOPIC: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers finalized the 802.11i security standard for wireless networks, according to an article by Previous wireless security utilized Wired Equivalent Privacy, which was hard to implement and easy to crack because the tools were available on the Internet. 802.11i requires the use of Advanced Encryption Standard, which makes the encryption code quite difficult to penetrate.

EXPERTS: ExpertSource can offer several highly qualified experts to comment on this story:

Based on discussions with small and medium-sized businesses (SMB),

Josh Radlein, a CDW wireless systems engineer, can comment how this development will impact SMBs and explain the differences between this new standard and older 802.11 wireless security standards. CDW, a leading provider of technology products and services to business and government, is starting to receive questions about this standard from customers. Initial feedback indicates that many businesses are considering to upgrade their existing equipment to be 802.11i compliant. Josh can also comment on trends the company is seeing relating to the adoption of wireless technology by businesses including what is working well and what does not.

Donald Lloyd is the senior network systems consultant for International Network Services. He has more than nine years in the networking industry with extensive experience in multiple disciplines, including Microsoft OSs, multiple UNIX-based OSs, security, wireless, and LAN/WAN design and implementation. He also has several years of experience with indoor and outdoor wireless applications, with vertical industry expertise in Airlines, Homeland Security, and Energy networks.

Professor Steve Russell, of Iowa State University, joined the faculty at Iowa State University in 1984. His professional experience and interests are in the general areas of wireless communication systems, wireless network security, digital signal processing for communications, Global Positioning System, and RF design. He teaches courses in wireless communication systems, networking, discrete math, communication systems theory, statistical communications theory, spread-spectrum, DSP, spectral analysis, electric circuits and filters. His current research interests are in wireless network security, spread-spectrum and DSP techniques applied to radio communications and acoustics. He has also done research in image processing and digital filter design theory. His sponsored research has been with RCA/GE, Rockwell International, Texas Instruments, Center for NDE, and Center for Advanced Technology Development. He is a senior member of IEEE and is a past student branch advisor for the Central Iowa Section of IEEE.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 25, 2004
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