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Experts Available to Discuss $300 Billion Net Tax Gap.

TOPIC: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reported the net tax gap in 2001 was approximately $300 billion, according to an article by The Associated Press. The net tax gap is the difference between what taxpayers owe and what they actually pay. The IRS found the majority of the gap is due to individual taxpayers underreporting their income and underpayment of taxes. President Bush requested an additional $500 million in his 2006 budget so the IRS can increase the number of audits of high-income earners and corporations.

EXPERTS: ExpertSource can offer several highly qualified experts to comment on this story:

Les Danish is a CPA working out of Eisner's New York City and Westchester offices, specializing in the retail industry. He advises privately owned companies, helping them to identify and define their business and financial objectives. His retail experience includes privately owned and public entities, as well as local and national chains.

Professor Paul Caron, of the University of Cincinnati, College of Law, is a consultant to individuals, businesses, non-profit groups, and the Internal Revenue Service on matters of federal tax law.

Dr. James E. Williamson, of San Diego State University, School of Accountancy, is an expert in matters of trust accounting and taxation. Previously, he was a senior tax accountant with First Trust Company of St. Paul for five years. During this time, in addition to tax compliance and accounting reports, he worked on tax planning and strategy and on matters of fiduciary responsibility and duties.

ExpertSource cannot guarantee the immediate availability of these experts or their familiarity with this specific issue.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 30, 2005
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