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Expert aids girls in their recovery.

Byline: Profile by The Register-Guard

Name: Dina Harmon, Eugene

Claim to fame: Acupuncturist who treats recovering drug- and alcohol-addicted teen-age girls through a federal grant-funded program in the Eugene area.

Treatment with a twist: Harmon, a Eugene resident since 1975, visits the nonprofit Willamette Family Treatment Center twice a week to treat the teens with acupuncture as a supplement to their standard rehabilitation regimens.

The practice also helps patients sleep and concentrate on completing their treatment programs, among other benefits, Harmon said. "It helps keep them calm and focused," she said. "It just eases them through the program."

A rewarding experience: Harmon treats girls between the ages of 13 and 17 in the rehabilitation program. The New York native said she feels lucky to have the opportunity to work with the girls. "I am totally touched and humbled by their courage and vulnerability," she said. "That's really my reward, to see them shine."

Traveling the world: After graduating from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 1997, Harmon spent the summer studying and administering acupuncture in Harbin, a city in northeastern China. Harmon remembered the attention she received when she showed photos of her three children to locals - Chinese law prevents couples from having more than one child. "They thought I was just the most lucky person in the world," Harmon said. "And I am."

- Ben Fuchs

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Dina Harmon sets needles in client Sandra Parnelle at her Eugene clinic. Harmon also helps recovering addicts.
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Title Annotation:Acupuncturist gets satisfaction from helping teens in treatment; General News
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Aug 20, 2003
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