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Expersoft poised for dynamic growth in 1995, ORB developer gains momentum in 1994; sales growth, product development and a major standards victory underscore technology adoption and company growth.

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 27, 1995--Expersoft Corp., a leading developer of distributed object management environment and object request broker technology, today announced major breakthroughs in 1994 sales activity, customer implementations, industry standards development and internal product development.

"The company's 1994 results indicates the breadth of the emerging market for object oriented solutions and the momentum gained positions the company well for dynamic growth in 1995," said Tom Clancy, CEO, Expersoft. "We are exceedingly pleased with our accomplishments in the last year. The number and quality of our new customers has been outstanding, and our commitment to the object oriented marketplace and the ongoing development process will make XShell the foundation for a number of large-scale, high-performance distributed systems.

"In fact, our support of interoperability standards has been opening doors with Fortune 500 companies who are looking at objects as the enabling technology to help them achieve their competitive goals. This validates both the larger market for object oriented solutions and Expersoft's Information Empowered Enterprise strategy, which provides companies with a much faster return on investment when implementing new software initiatives for competitive advantage."

Explosive Sales Increases

Expersoft is among the most influential vendors of object request broker (ORB) technology in the world, helping companies build, develop and deploy mission critical distributed object management systems for finance, telecommunications and other market sectors. In 1994, Expersoft saw a 500% increase in new customers, including leading organizations such as Boeing, EDS, Federal Express, Goldman Sachs, Royal Dutch Shell, Sprint, UOP, and US WEST.

Expersoft also saw an increasing number of customers implement XShell in prototype as well as large-scale production environments. Notable projects using XShell include the "Technology Reinvestment Program," sponsored by the Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA), which was awarded to a consortium that includes Expersoft, to build a distributed object management infrastructure for commercial and defense applications. XShell is also utilized in Los Alamos National Lab's Digital Village Project, a pilot program to create the infrastructure for prototype telecommunities -- the virtual cities and towns located along America's "Information Superhighway."

Building for the Future

To match the rapid growth of its customer base, Expersoft broadened its geographic presence and enhanced customer support programs in 1994. Branch offices were opened in Boston, Dallas and Denver, and 10 new employees were added to the technical support and consulting staff. The company hosted its first annual Executive Advisory Board in Santa Fe, New Mexico, gathering MIS professionals from six leading companies to discuss the future of object technology. In addition, Expersoft distributes technical information from a World Wide Web site, and publishes an Internet-based newsletter, Expertalk, each month.

Expersoft continues its rapid pace of product development and has released a new version, XShell 3.5 of its flagship product the XShell distributed object management environment. XShell 3.5 enables more rapid and cost effective development and deployment of large-scale enterprise applications. The new product is designed using industry standard object and distributed computing technologies and delivers new functionality across the board including two new products: XShell Replicated Namespace and XShell SNMP Agents as well as upgrades to XShell IDL and XShell Distributed ORB.

Expersoft Leads Industry Standards Development

Interoperability and standardization in object oriented systems has been a major issue among vendors of object technology and a leading concern of MIS organizations looking for a clear direction in the marketplace. In December 1994, Expersoft served a key role in obtaining Object Management Group (OMG) approval for the UNO (Universal Networked Objects) proposal as the official CORBA 2.0 interoperability standard. Approval of the UNO proposal as the CORBA 2.0 standard will enable heterogeneous object oriented systems to transparently communicate and share information, a critical need for large commercial systems.

Expersoft will be among the first vendors to deliver a commercial UNO implementation to the marketplace, and the GIOP (General Inter-ORB Protocol) component of the new CORBA 2.0 interoperability standard is based on technology derived from XShell's architecture and protocols. Interoperability, scalability, security and performance found in products such as XShell are necessary to manage the large-scale distributed systems of the future. These facts remain central issues to growth in an object oriented market estimated to be worth nearly $5 billion by 1997, according to META Group, a market research and consulting organization based in Stamford, CT.

"The ability of CORBA-compliant implementations to interoperate depends on the availability of UNO products such as Expersoft's," said Melinda-Carol Ballou, senior analyst at META Group's Application Development Strategies service. "And I expect CORBA interoperability to be critical for developers seeking a viable, object-oriented standard for distributing applications across heterogeneous platforms, particularly in the 1996-97 timeframe."

Expersoft plans to continue to lead the development of industry standards by submitting technology recommendations to foster portability and interoperability based on their expertise and industry knowledge.

About XShell

XShell is a high performance, standards-based distributed object management environment that includes a distributed ORB, integrated object services, management tools and development tools. XShell allows system architects and programmers to treat their entire network as a unified computing resource by providing transparent remote object access, creation and migration. XShell will support the OMG's CORBA specification, as well as a native object model that provides distributed access to C++ classes directly.

About Expersoft

Established in 1989, Expersoft develops and markets XShell distributed object management environments. XShell is sold direct as well as through system integrators, value-added resellers, and original equipment manufacturers around the world. Expersoft has more than 25 customers including Andersen Consulting, Chemical Band, KPMG, Ontario Hydro, Sprint and US WEST. The company is headquartered in San Diego and has offices in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and London.

In 1993, Expersoft founded the Distributed Object Access Alliance (DOAA) to promote the development of interoperable, object tools. The DOAA currently has more than 20 vendor, reseller and system integrator members.


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Date:Feb 27, 1995
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