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Experiments with potatoes.

In 1992 I grew potatoes in different ways. I will try them again this year. I purchased seed from Ronnigers and Seeds Blum. Good Friday is the standard day to plant in this area, but the weather and soil were not ready so I planted on April 8, 1992.

Cutting one eye per seed, spacing seeds one foot apart in rows two feet apart, in the row between each seed I placed one tablespoon of fertilizer on top of the ground in a small impression to keep it from crowding the plant. I mulched with straw left outside all winter to season.

Red Dale, 21 eyes, yielded 29 pounds; Yukon Gold, 32 eyes, yielded 33 pounds; Alaska Sweetheart, 50 eyes, yielded 48 pounds; Ruby Crescent, 182 eyes, yielded 80 pounds; Australia Crawler, 32 eyes, yielded 32 pounds. I planted all of the above on top of the ground.

I also buried a row of Australia Crawlers because they are a very late potato with plants still growing a week before frost. Of 22 eyes buried, they yielded 25 pounds of larger potatoes than the same variety planted on top.

David Ronniger recommends spraying with seaweed emulsion, which I did. I hand-picked a few Colorado potato beetles and blister beetles from the plants. Rotating potatoes every year is a good way to prevent problems.

I planted one pound of each variety. I liked all of them for various reasons: Yukon Gold for an all-purpose early with yellow flesh and real potato flavor; Red Dale for an extra early red, which I like better than Pontiac; Alaska Sweetheart for a midseason all-purpose red with unique flavor; Ruby Crescent, a fingerling with unusual looks, a good keeper if the weather is dry and it makes hash browns or mashed yellow fleshed potatoes; Australia Crawler is a boiling potato deluxe.
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Title Annotation:planting and growing
Author:Davidson, Jerry
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Date:May 1, 1993
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