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Experience 376 years of history; CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE.

A performance of great power and intense passion, the re-enactment of the Crucifixion of Christ, shrouded in mystery and intrigue has attracted spectators from across the globe, curious to experience this brilliant cultural and religious event.

It gives us great pleasure to be able to offer you this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the spectacle of the world-famous Passion Play performed by over 2,000 villagers from the small Bavarian village of Oberammergau.

Help maintain the tradition which has been kept alive for 376 years and join us on a journey to witness this momentous occasion. We have carefully chosen two tours that incorporate the Passion Play 2010 and staying in carefully selected accommodation where you can combine sightseeing and the stunning scenery of Belgium or Germany with this unique performance! Call 0844 811 6794 to book this fantastic holiday.


In 1633 when the Black Death was ravaging through Europe, the picturesque village of Oberammergau remained unaffected, until a homesick villager returned and unknowingly brought the infection with him. As nearly 100 of their neighbours died, the remaining villagers vowed to God that they would perform the "play of the suffering, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ" every ten years if they were spared from extinction, and from that moment on there were no more casualties.

At Whitsun in 1634 the people of Oberammergau kept their promise and so the ten-yearly tradition began. 2010 marks the 41st time the play will have been performed.


Premiering on 15th May 2010, the Passion play, for the first time ever, will begin in the afternoon and resume in the evening following a three-hour break during which time a leisurely dinner can be enjoyed. Under the direction of Christian Stckl and the music directors Markus Zwink and Michael Bocklet, the story of Jesus of Nazareth unfolds before your eyes on the imposing openair stage. After ten months of rehearsal, the villagers will be ready to perform the newly revised script whilst the orchestra and singers will have studied the exceptional music created for the performance by the composer Rochus Dedler.

Oberammergau is a performance of passion never to be forgotten.


The people of Oberammergau and the neighbouring villages welcome you to witness this fantastic spectacle, treating all visitors to the warmest of hospitality. Accommodation in Oberammergau has been graded by the Passion Play committee and tickets to admit you to the performance are allocated together with the accommodation by the Play authorities. You will be staying in a Private House in Oberammergau. These will be well-kept rooms or holiday apartments with private facilities. (Shower/bath is for exclusive use but may not be adjacent to the bedroom).


Package deals to Oberammergau 2010 are available to book now: Whitsun 1634 first play performed and every 10 years thereafter.

2010 marks the 41st year the play will be re-enacted.

Call Holiday Gems on 0844 811 6794 your Oberammergau approved agent.

XXX Only travellers who have booked organised 'Oberammergau' tours can watch the show and stay overnight in Oberammergau.


LIVING HISTORY: a tradition which happens once every ten years
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 11, 2010
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