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ExperTelligence releases WebBase - a new revolutionary database access program for the Internet.

ExperTelligence Tuesday announced the release of WebBase v3.50.

WebBase will give companies on the World Wide Web the ability to interface databases to their Web pages on the Internet. User's can interact with these databases using web browsers like Mosaic and Netscape to perform complex queries. WebBase has special enhancements like automatic HTML table generation for Netscape's browser.

"With WebBase, if it's contained in a database you can display it on a Web page," said Denison Bollay, president and chief executive officer. "And, WebBase is simple to use. Our sample applications demonstrate how to rapidly deploy your database on the Web."

According to Bollay, WebBase will unleash huge volumes of data to Internet user's, who until now could not access or manipulate such data.

Developers can create database solutions in a relatively short period of time. These applications can be modified and revised later, with little difficulty.

"I don't want to teach myself PERL or other CGIs," said Matt McWhinney, technical architect at Ameritech Corp., a regional Bell operating company in Chicago, "WebBase is something I can pull out of a box and install myself. Besides, our Web has to be fast and maintainable."

WebBase works with over 50 database formats including Microsoft Access, Excel, Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle, dBASE, Paradox, and Btrieve. Database pages can include pictures, input forms, anchors, and many other features.

WebBase provides solutions ranging from simple access to a real estate listing, dynamic yellow pages, to complex catalog ordering applications. Site managers can make anything in their databases available to anyone on the Internet in over 160 countries.

To look at sample WebBase applications, webmasters can review the company's Web site at ""

Companies interested in a full featured trial copy of WebBase should contact "" WebBase can be purchased through the company's website for $495.

For additional information on the company please visit their Web site at ""

ExperTelligence Inc., a publicly held company since 1984, is a pioneer in leading edge computer software technology. This Santa Barbara-based corporation has done extensive work in the areas of object-oriented programming, artificial intelligence, graphical user interfaces, hypertext and object-oriented databases.

ExperTelligence ( Symbol: EXPG ) along with, Spyglass ( Symbol: SPYG ) makers of Enhanced Mosaic and Netscape ( Symbol: NSCP ) authors of Netscape Navigator, are among the few publicly traded companies developing Internet software. The company is now positioning itself to be the leader in database connectivity to the web by forming alliances with key technology and marketing partners.

For further information, contact:

Bernadette Bagley, Director of Communications, or

Denison Bollay, President and CEO;

Telephone 805/962-2558, or FAX 805/962-5188 -0-

NOTE TO EDITORS: WebBase and are trademarks of ExperTelligence Inc. Microsoft Access, Excel, and SQL Server; Sybase SQL Server; Oracle; Borland dBASE and Paradox; and Novell Btrieve are trademarks of their respective companies.

WebBase has been tested with all the major web servers on the market including Compaq, Dell, Gateway and IBM.

CONTACT: ExperTelligence Inc., Santa Barbara

Brian Colvin, 805/962-2558

805/962-5188 (fax)
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 15, 1995
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