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Expediters gain ground.

The real estate industry, including owners, developers, attorneys, architects, interior designers, etc., is reliant upon expediters for their expertise on codes and Department of Buildings (DOB) procedures to carry a project through to completion. Without expediters, or code consultants as they prefer to be called, the time frame would be substantially increased, if the project could be completed at all.

Owners and developers who have consulted with architects or engineers about renovation projects, have often found that they needed the assistance and expertise of an expediter in order to process a project. For those who are unclear about what an expediter does, here is a brief list of services they provide:

* Assist architects and engineers in obtaining approvals for projects at the DOB

* Obtain all necessary permits

* Conduct research at the DOB for architects, developers and owners

* Provide the zoning analysis for new buildings, and additions to existing buildings

* Cure building violations

* Obtain Certificates of Occupancy

* Obtain Place of Assembly permit, required for establishments with occupancy in excess of 75 people, such as nightclubs, restaurants, etc.

The New York Association for Code Consultants [NYACC] is the professional organization that represents expediters. NYACC also serves as an educational forum, to further educate our members about the continuously changing requirements, regulations; and procedures of the DOB as well as recent interpretations of zoning and code issues.

Expediters are currently registered and regulated by the DOB through Local Law 72, passed in 1991. However, a new bill to license, rather than register expediters, has just been introduced to the Consumer Affairs Committee of the City Council by Councilman Israel Ruiz. We recently met with Councilman Ruiz, who explained the bill's intent to both oversee the industry, and prevent unauthorized people claiming to be expediters from taking advantage of the public. He expressed his willingness to work with our organization in the development of the bill, as well as to exempt already registered expediters from further regulation. We look forward to not only working with the councilman in developing the bill, but in also returning to the city council to amend local law 72 in order to make it fair, clear and equitable.

NYACC is also interested in pursuing expanded relationships with affiliated professional organizations such as the American Institute of Architects, The New York Society of Architects, BOMA, etc. We believe that a strong, alliance of professionally related associations better-serves all of the participating members' objectives by creating a network of shared information. NYACC is eagerly looking forward to taking its place within the design/construction industry's councils as a voice for the expediting/code consulting community. Towards that end, we have and will continue to schedule introductory meetings with fellow organizations throughout the year. We will be encouraging some members of these groups to become affiliated members of NYACC and we intend to become reciprocally involved.
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Title Annotation:Architecture & Interior Design; real estate professionals depend on building code consultants for expedition of project completion
Author:Trachtenberg, David
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Dec 16, 1992
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