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Expect stampings growth.

By the end of this decade, the US market for stampings is expected to reach the $45 billion level, according to a recent survey by Leading Edge Reports, a Cleveland-based market research company. The Market for Ferrous and Nonferrous Metal Stampings labeled the 1980s a dynamic period for the stamping industry. After experiencing recession in the early 80s, the industry faced fundamental change, undergoing a "post-industrial era" where manufacturers were forced to adapt to the realities of long-term shrinkage in their end-use markets.

Because of this shrinkage, the role of metal stampings in the total manufacturing system is not as significant as it has been in the past, the study concludes. Stampings shipments as a component of GNP were relatively stable until the late 70s and early 80s. After falling in the early 80s, the ratio of stampings shipments to GNP has continued downward at a slower pace.

Although this is not a high growth market, the relative significance of stampings as a component of GNP is expected to recover during the 1990s. While plastics and other substitute materials continue to replace traditional stampings, many penetrations of stamping markets by competing materials are now approaching maturity, it adds.

Stamping demand can tend to follow the pattern of other basic industries. Although these industries recently suffered a decline, stamping demand is expected to increase as the durable-goods industries continue to grow during the 90s.

Overall metal-stamping demand during the 1990s will be characterized by maturity, while total shipment values in current dollars are projected to grow about 5% annually to nearly $45 billion by 2000. The rapid dollar growth will reflect shifts in product mix toward higher-value stampings, including small precision stampings, the study found.
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Title Annotation:metal stampings market
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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