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Expanding the meaning of coating colors.

Paints and coatings have been used to protect and beautify buildings since ancient times. In the earliest days, the coatings were a form of whitewash. Once someone decided to add a little color, though, pigments became a critical component of paint formulations. Several exhibitors at ACS are launching pigment technologies that expand not only the range of available colors, but also the amount of reflected solar radiation, even for dark colors. Environmentally friendly, value-added yet cost-effective pigment solutions that provide chemical, temperature, and weather resistance; lightfastness; and new colors and color effects are creating opportunities for coating formulators to exceed the expectations of their customers for longer-lasting, beautiful, and functional paints and coatings.


Heubach will be expanding its HEUCODUR [R] IR-reflecting product range by adding a black with outstanding Total Solar Reflection values in the near future. Meanwhile, Heucotech has developed the HEUCOTINT line of POS colorants that is zero-VOC and APE - and formaldehydefree. In addition, the HEUCOTINT line minimizes the impact on film properties when added to the coating. The new HEUCO [R] FIT concept for pigment preparations for the replacement of environmentally concerning pigments will also be introduced by Heubach. The ready-to-use, customized colors have built-in performance and functionality requirements. Finally, VANADUR [R] 1030 is the latest non-encapsulated bismuthvanadate pigment from Heubach that enables paint manufacturers to go for a slightly more reddish material compared to the well-known VANADUR 1010.

CPS Color is offering IR-reflective pigments designed for the in-plant tinting of water-based high-quality facade systems to create cool surfaces. The new Novapint D-IR Reflective Colorants include the series of Black Pigments for Shade NCS 7000-N, which have total solar reflectances in the range of 10.9 to 31%.

Synthesia, a.s. is introducing high performance pigments (HPP) at ACS 2012. Versal Yellow 6RD is a new grade of Pigment Yellow 139 that is distinguished by a reddish-yellow shade and appropriate hiding power with good rheology and brilliant gloss, even at high pigmentation. It is particularly suited to high-grade coatings like car refinishing and OEM coating applications. Versal Scarlet 4RF (PR 242) is characterized by a unique yellowish red shade, excellent heat resistance, and lightfastness properties. For this reason, the pigment is recommended for a wide range of applications, including industrial and decorative coatings. Versal Yellow H3R (PY 181) provides a brilliant, reddish yellow shade with very good lightfastness and is particularly suitable for architectural paints. The company is also launching the new Ostaton W extended range of liquid dyes for interior wood stains. These desalinated acid dyes are offered as a solution in 1-methoxy-2-propanol for water - and solvent-based systems. Due to their high color strength, very good lightfastness, and good resistance to over-lacquering, they can be used in both decorative and industrial applications.

The Sachtoperse family of barium sulphate pigments from Sachtleben has been expanded to include two functionalized pigments that are optimally tailored to their respective binder and designed to provide secure bonding between the pigment and the resin. Sachtoperse EP epoxy functionalized pigments can be incorporated into polyester resin-based coating systems and epoxy-modified alkyd or amino resin-based stoving enamels, while Sachtoperse AM amino functionalized pigments are optimized for use with two-pack polyurethane, alkyd, acrylate, and polyester resin-based coating systems. The functionalized pigments are incorporated into the organic coating systems via chemical bonding. Higher loadings of inorganics are thus possible, leading to improved barrier properties and chemical - and scratch resistance. They also can lead to improved corrosion resistance, adhesion, and rheological stability and ultra-high gloss.

The new pigments that BASF is introducing at ACS 2012 are special effect pigments designed to provide new creative opportunities to designers. Firemist [R] Velvet Pearl EH 921 provides a soft and homey effect while creating the unique appearance of a matte finish that sparkles in direct light. Used in combination with pearlescent or metallic pigments, Firemist [R] Velvet Pearl can create coatings that resemble patinated silver or copper surfaces or even rust, and are ideal for decorative finishes with an antique "shab by chic" appearance. Paliocrom [R] Brilliant Gold L 2050, which is prepared from aluminum flakes of the thin-flake "silver dollar" type, brings a very bright and intense gold appearance to coated surfaces. In combination with other effects or colored pigments, this new pigment can be used to produce metallics from vivid gold to red and add exciting aesthetics to green metallic shades. Its high chroma and tightness also enable designers to create unusual effects in high-quality automotive finishes, industrial paints and coatings for computers, communication devices, and consumer goods.
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Date:Apr 1, 2012
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