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Expanding NIMO-KG looks forward.

NIMO-KG Transportsystem, which manufactures equipment for the food industry, is now taking its first step across the Atlantic. At the same time the company is growing by acquiring a new business sector and adding new personnel.

Industry supplier NIMO-KG Transportsystem has largely managed to ride out the financial crisis unscathed. The company is now extending its operations with a new technical service sector. Paul Bernklev, who has many years of experience in maintenance and servicing in the food industry, joined NIMO-KG at tire end of January and assumes main responsibility for this newly created department.

"Several of our customers no longer need a full-time service technician. Our new service makes their work even easier while at the same time giving us direct contact with the market. Interest in this service is growing continuously and we plan to expand the department over the longer term," says CEO Johan Bergman.

The expansion is also continuing in a purely geographical sense. At the end of 2008, at the major packaging lair Pack Expo in Chicago, NIMO-KG took the first step onto the US market together with British partner Unitech Industries. The combined product package offered the 45,000 visitors, from sectors such as the delicatessen, dairy and bakery industries, complete systems for internal product handling. There was a lively interest and almost all the equipment brought along to tire trade show was sold immediately.

"The US market is continuing to change to our advantage. For example, several large European supermarkets are being set up along the West Coast. That means new supplier chains and good business opportunities for us," says Nick Imlah, CEO of Unitech Industries.

At present, both companies are working to follow up numerous enquiries from North and South America as well as Canada and the Middle East. Also, Unitech Industries has just opened a sales office in California, which will act as a distributor for NIMO-KG.

"An advantage for us in the US is that there is often a lack of imported solutions. As Europeans, we focus more strongly on industrial design, for example, which produced a whole lot of raised eyebrows in Chicago. America still prefers a certain "big-is-better" approach, which makes our slimline, well-designed and highly reliable equipment stand out from the mass," says Johan Bergman.

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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Mar 1, 2009
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