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Expanding Measures of School Performance Under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

EXPANDING MEASURES OF SCHOOL PERFORMANCE UNDER THE ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION ACT. Santa Monica, CA: Rand Education, 2011. The reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, more commonly known as No Child Left Behind, has continued to focus primarily on literacy and math. In this research brief, states are provided with suggestions to broaden the focus of school performance goals. Benefits and risks to state education systems are examined.

Beginning discussions about the reauthorized legislation could fall into five targeted domains:

* In addition to adding curriculum areas to the current focus on literacy and math, outcomes should be based on an examination of current performance and growth over time.

* Learning environments play a greater role in achievement than previously credited. Teacher and student satisfaction and performance are affected by more than curriculum.

* Indicators of college-ready and career-ready progress should be examined.

* Include outcomes for social, emotional, and physical well-being, as reflected by school attendance, student behaviors, and community health information.

* Allow for adjustments in performance dependent on discrepancies in school and community resources.

All changes suggested in the brief for states to consider will need a gradual inclusion in the implementation of the law. This measured approach could take as many as 4-5 years, allowing for benchmarked assessments to be expanded as needed. States also should be encouraged to coordinate with other states to garner funding through grants and interstate consortia.

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