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Exodus continues.

EXODUS CONTINUES. While lower than in mid-2000s, those considering leaving Puerto Rico remain high, reports Caribbean Business (June 20, 2013). At 28% of the population, the figure is strong testimony to how people feel about the current state of affairs on the island. Of the 28%, the bulk (92%) would move to the U.S. mainland, while 3% would venture into a foreign country, and 5% didn't know. Stateside, Florida (23%), New York/New Jersey (20%) and Boston (6%) topped the list of desired destinations. Most people who are thinking of leaving seem to be in less of a hurry than last year. Those who said they would move in 1-2 years fell from 30% in the 2012 poll to 23% this year. Those who would move between 6-12 months also fell, from 15% to 8%. The younger the respondent, the likelier they were to consider moving from Puerto Rico.

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Date:Aug 1, 2013
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