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Exide Technologies Expands Telecommunications Battery Product Offering.

Innovative, Front Terminal Design Monoblock Battery

Now Available in Higher 125 and 150 Amp-Hour Ratings

PRINCETON, N.J., April 5 /PRNewswire/ --

Exide Technologies (NYSE: EX) has commenced shipment of its new Marathon(TM) 12-volt, 125 ampere hour (amp-hour/AH) and 12-volt, 150 amp-hour front-terminal batteries. The sealed, valve-regulated batteries are designed to provide power for a variety of telecommunications infrastructure installations such as wireless, personal communications services (PCS), distributed power, cellular, broadband, and 3G network applications.

The 125 and 150 front-terminal products capitalize and improve on the design features of the Marathon(TM) 100 amp-hour battery. Since its introduction in 1999, the Marathon(TM) 100 has been one of the most popular telecommunications products ever offered by Exide. Some of the reasons why:

* The location of the terminals on the front, rather than the top of the

battery, greatly simplifies installation and maintenance, especially

when the batteries are installed in a cabinet enclosure or on a

standard relay rack.

* The Marathon FT series features the use of a safer, flame-retardant

polypropylene resin material and a patent-pending "diamond" side wall

structure that ensures structural integrity in higher operating


* The compact battery footprint packs the maximum power into a standard

network equipment rack.

* Finally, the Marathon power package can be conveniently scaled to meet

any variety of amp-hour requirements (up to 1200 AH) utilizing a single

mounting structure.

"The new Marathon FT Series builds more innovations into a product that already has proven its merit to Exide telecommunications customers," said Mitchell Bregman, president of GNB Industrial Power, a division of Exide Technologies. "Its new features are one more example of how Exide Technologies is leading the industry in technology innovations and helping our customers add value to their products and services."

Exide Technologies manufactures a complete line of Marathon Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries, ranging from 30 amp-hour to 180 amp-hour in capacity, that deliver reliable power for as long as ten years.

The new Marathon FT series batteries are being built in the company's Columbus, Georgia, manufacturing facility.

Note: Exide Technologies is the global leader in providing electrical- energy storage solutions. The company has annualized revenues of approximately $3 billion and has operations in 89 countries, serving the industrial and transportation markets.

Industrial applications include network-power batteries for telecommunications systems, fuel-cell load-leveling, electric utilities, railroads, photovoltaic (solar-power storage) and other uninterruptible power supply (UPS) markets; and motive-power batteries for a broad range of equipment uses, including lift trucks, mining and commercial vehicles.

Transportation uses include automotive, heavy-duty truck, agricultural, marine and other batteries, as well as new technologies being developed for hybrid vehicles and new 42-volt automotive applications. The company supplies both the aftermarket and original-equipment transportation customers.

Further information about Exide Technologies, its financial results and other information can be found at .

Certain statements in this news release may constitute forward-looking statements as defined by the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. As such, they involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause the actual results of the company to differ materially from any results expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. These are enumerated in further detail in the company's Form 10-K.
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Publication:PR Newswire
Date:Apr 5, 2001
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