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CRACKED CYMBALS, CHAIN-LINK GUITAR STRAPS, on-command puking, chainsaws, fire breath, and severed-head blood showers quench gore-thirsty heshers! Don't expect a mosh pit, pussy--expect to be thrown into a flesh blender at the next Exhumed gig! -- Hitz

Hitz: Do skating and death metal go hand in hand?

Buddy: Hell yeah! When I was in high school, my best friend and I were always the guys wearing camo shorts and death metal shirts, skating with all these other guys. We just liked to get high, skip a class or two, and just fucking go skate. Hopefully not break a bone.

Pino: Just to get the basics out of the way, where are you from and how long have you been together?

Matt: We're from San Jose, CA. Our drummer and I have been together for about 10 years as Exhumed, having different lineups. Buddy, our bass player here, has been with us for the last two and a half years, our guitar player Mike has been with us since '98--so that's three and a half years. After getting on Relapse we've been able to keep a steady lineup. Before that we had like 12 people.

Pino: Does Relapse cover the gas?

Matt: Well, they encourage the DIY attitude that we kinda had anyway, so they're there to help us get our shirts made and get us CDs. They put in a good word for us to get on tours. They treat us right.

Pino: Do you guys line up the tours or do they?

Matt: We have a booking agent which is like, "Fuck that shit, we don't want a manager or an agent!" It was too much 'cause we all work and we're too lazy. Playing music is the most we can get our shit together to do.

Pino: You must have flexible jobs to let you pick up and leave.

Matt: Buddy has no job, and our drummer has no job. Our other guitar player and I are pretty lucky because we're taking four months off this year

Pino: When you guys are on the road, who's the first one to start crying about being broke or wanting to go home?

Matt: Nobody bitches; we all get along. We bitch about being in the van.

Pino: Who goes home with the big girls at the end of the evening?

Matt: You know, I have a girlfriend and the other guys got no game. It's pretty sad as far as pussy goes. Except for Mike, but he gets the wrong women. They're not big, just psychologically wrong. Last time he hooked up with a girl she put him on a Greyhound to our next show after she swore she would drive him there.

Buddy: What we need are more women who are turned on by vomit.

Pino: Go to Portland. So what are you guys rolling in?

Matt: It's a GMC Safari minivan.

Hitz: No shit! Where do you keep all the severed heads and shit?

Matt: In the back. We keep everything piled with the luggage on top.

Hitz: Has anyone ever been stabbed by the chainsaw?

Matt: The chainsaw goes on top.

Hitz: What's your favorite brand?

Matt: Stihl is the ultimate. They rule, but we can't afford them. So we have the cheap green ones. Sometimes they don't start, like tonight.

Hitz: What's the gnarliest thing you've ever done on stage?

Matt: The first time we ever played the Roxy was a few years ago, and it was our old bass player's birthday So we poured all this beer on his head and we had all these bones that we were breaking on stage. Then we got blood on the stage, then our drummer kicked his drum set over. The place got real pissed because their microphones were on his set. It was fucked up. There were two other bands and they wouldn't let us stay to watch the other bands. They said, "You guys don't get paid. Just get your shit and get the hick outta here! You won't ever play here again!"

Hitz: After you guys ripped? I guess it comes with the territory.

Matt: Absolutely Santa Cruz cancelled a whole show because of an awful smell that showed up after we played there. They tore everything apart and found a piece of rotten meat from when we had played. It had fallen behind the stage. We didn't get asked back there ever again.

Pino: Who were some of your early influences?

Matt: Terrorizer, Repulsion, Carnage, Carcass, and old Napalm Death.

Pino: How about now?

Matt: Terrorizer, Carnage, Carcass; stuff like that mixed with stuff we listened to before that, when we were 12. Bands like Sodom, old Exodus, Dark Angel, SOD, and old Cryptic Slaughter.

Pino: Favorite show you ever played?

Matt: The best show was probably in Germany when we played at this tiny-ass place that was totally packed. We had to play three encores. It was fucking out of control. That and Waaken, which was pretty extreme. Probably around 6,000 people.

Pino: Thanks guys.

Matt: No thank you. It's an honor to get in Thrasher.
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